Abiquiu, NM

Abiquiu, NM
36.228336 -106.395991


Eve's Garden

In the small town of Marathon we discovered a wonderful, eclectic, artistic bed and breakfast. Eve's Garden grew from an old "four square" house into todays imaginative 7 room abode with indoor lap pool and very large green house. Kate, the "boss lady", and a small crew use light weight papercret to hand craft her vision. A spring expansion is on the drawing board. When visiting Big Bend this would be a delightful place to stay.

Heated lap pool

Something is always in bloom here.
Fresh vegetables for the kitchen

Suite with a bath


I'm Back

My computer crashed while in Big Bend National Park. The closest Apple store was in San Antonio, 400 miles away. With great trepidation I arrived at the Apple store. Would I lose my data, how long for repairs, days weeks? Mario worked his magic and to my great relief told me that I would not lose any data on my hard drive. The problem was a bracket between the hard drive and logic board that had  shorted. And the good news continued to roll, a free fix that took 15 minutes. Hooray!!!!

Big Bend National Park

We had great weather during our visit to Big Bend. We stayed at the Stillwell Ranch just outside the park. The park, like every thing in Texas, is huge. Milage for each days foray ranged from 80 to 140 miles round trip.  The landscape offers stunning vistas. 

It has been raining and if you look closely, you will see flowers everywhere.

Hairy-seed bahia
Glandularia wrightii
130 million years ago Big Bend was covered by a shallow inland sea that stretched all the way into Canada. 

There is a wonderful new fossil exhibit that should not be missed. 

The Mosasaur, a carnivorous lizard,
prowled these here 90 million years ago.
What the Mosasaur may have looked like.
Xiphactinus Top to bottom this head is about 3 feet.
One was discovered in Kansas that had eaten a 6 foot fish.

Save me!!!


McDonald Observatory

We had a great guided tour of the Harlan J. Smith and Hobby-Eberly Telescopes today. The Harlan J. Smith was built in 1964 with a 107 inch mirror. At the time it was the third largest telescope int he world. The Hobby-Eberly is one of the larges telescopes designed specifically for spectroscopy. Its 11 meter mirror is made up of 91, one meter, hexagonal mirrors that act as one large mirror. Right now it is being reconfigured to study dark matter.

Harlan J. Smith Telescope
Length 32 feet
Diameter 12 feet
Weight 120 tons
Mirror 107 inches

Harlan J. Smith Telescope

 I did not include photos of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope because they were very confusing from the view point I had. Check out the photos here.

Barbara, Mike, Me, ?, Chris, Carolyn, Judy & Elmer


Dripping Springs Hike

Outside Las Cruces, NM is the Dripping Springs Natural Area with a nice 3 mile hike up to an old old 1880s resort and stage stop.

Tom, Carolyn, Richard, Barbara, Mike and me.

Called Dripping Springs because it drips.

A gorgeous backdrop to a great hike.


Chiricahua National Monument

27 million years ago in the southeast corner of AZ the Turkey Creek Caldera spewed forth a 2000 foot thick layer of white-hot ash. This ash cooled and hardened into rhyolitic tuff. For the next 27 million years wind and water has eroded the tuff into spectacular hoodoos.


Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

I was pleasantly surprised how lush and green Organ Pipe was. The park is simply gorgeous. It is unique and has been designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve. 12,000 years ago Paleo-Indians hunted mammoths in cooler, wetter woodlands. Today, plants and animals have adapted to high heat and scarce water.

Cholla up front, Saguaro standing tall

Looking across a rift valley

Bending toward the horizon at the end of the day.

 Thorny Ocotillo, a spiny scarlet flowered desert shrub on the left
and Oran Pipe Cactus to the right

The Prickly Pear has a beautiful red fruit.
 It is often sought after as a delicacy. 


Serenity's Facial

One of my goals in Rocky Point was to get Serenity's stress fractures, rock chips and a couple of holes fixed.

Left side
The aluminum plate is my temporary fix
for a couple of holes in the side.

Right side stress fracture.

Getting those rock chips
Ready to paint
The brown paint
The clear coat
The big reveal

Looking 10 years younger
I am very pleased with Santiago's work. The paint match was better than I expected.  $500