38.570292 -123.331727


300 Mile Days

Carson City  to Ely NV yesterday under overcast skies. I stayed at Ward Mountain Campground, 39.212109  -114.967265.  This was a wonderful, clean, campground that looked like it had just been built. Tables, fire rings and barbecues at the sites. Better yet, it is free from November to mid May.
Today I reached Green River UT where I am enjoying free BLM land.

Heading east on Hwy 50
Mine tailings, Eureka NV
Google earth view of the mine

Mt Hope open-pit molybdenum mine is located to the north-west of Eureka, Nevada. It is considered to be one of the world’s biggest and highest-grade molybdenum deposits.

Utah and the beginning of canyon lands.
Down shifting is the smart move

Tonights camp 38.953955  -110.184135


Heading East

I am heading east to Kansas City, MO to join up with the WINs for the Lewis and Clark Circuit. They are starting from St. Louis today, so I will be a week or so late. I am in Carson City, NV visiting friends and will begin the 1,800 mile journey to KC on Monday. 

Heading over Donner Pass to Reno
You can see the avalanche sheds protecting
trains crossing the Sierras.
Donner Lake
Train rolling downhill into Reno.  Truckee River on the left.
No, I didn't park. Got the shot on the fly.
It turned out to be an easy drive. I few small snow flurries attacked the windshield, but the pavement was dry all the way.

Sad News
The US Forest Service has this amazing program, Passport in Time. You can volunteer for different projects in the national forests. I had always wanted to dig up a dinosaur. In 2012 I was accepted for a Triceratops dig. I figured the chance of lighting striking twice were slim, but ever hopeful I applied again. "The PIT project leaders have made their decisions, and I am sorry to tell you that you were not selected for the Digging Up Triceratops"    :-(

New pill box. You know you are getting older when your old pill box is too small

Bright and sunny for my 3 mile walk this morning.


Stormy Day

The storm descends. Serenity is tight and dry. Rain is drumming on the roof and she is swaying in the wind. I love it. Perfect movie and hot chocolate day.

Sunshine follows

Salt Point is one of the few places in the wold that exhibited this unique weathering pattern called tafoni.

"The exact process of formation of tafoni is not entirely understood. The waves and salt spray leaves salt crystals on the sandstones. Salt and water interacting with the cement between the sand grains, and in minute fractures in the rock alternately hardens portions and loosens others, creating the lacy, box-like pattern."


Salt Point

Yet again I am enjoying the beauty of Salt Point State Park. It is one of my favorite CA state parks. In the 80s the family would come here for the ab diving. Nothing better than enjoying a platter of delicious abalone steaks that you had pried off the rocks just hours before. When I was a teenager the limit was 6 abs, in the 80s it had dropped to 2 and today zero, zip, nada. She told me that the foot inside 7 inch ab shells, the min legal size, were often only a few inches across. The abs are starving due to shrinking kelp bed, their food source.

The foot fills a healthy abs' shell. 
Overcast day telegraphing a big storm due to hit

I am camped in my preferred spot,  overflow parking.  38.570352, -123.331768   I like it for several reasons. No reservation required, always open. Ocean views, the regular, often full, campsites are in the woods without ocean views. No trees shading my solar panels. $5 less than campsites. For self-contained RVs it is perfect IMO.


Wine Country

I am visiting with my brother Don and his lovely wife Ann. Wine country, my brother is a vintner and I don't drink. My loss.

My brother's house peeking out of the pines. Vines all around.
My morning walk through the vines. Spring is popping.


The Apple World

I accompanied my son over to the apple store to pick up my new MacBook. His discount saved me sales tax and smidgen more.

A model of the new Apple campus. 

When you hold up an iPad you see a picture from that perspective.

This is as close as I could get to the saucer. Apple employees that work in other building have to be invited before they can enter. No exceptions

Alas, my son works in another building; so no tour today. Maybe next time.


Fun Family Time

Visiting with my favorite granddaughters. These two wonderful girls are in pre-school and first grade.

Saturday morning donut run.
The frosting is the best part
I have to clean up what?

Rachel (left) is a wicked domino player.