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Around Astoria

First stop the excellent, do not miss, Columbia River Maritime Museum.

The gang at anchor

Nancy and Elaine's new doo
Pacific troller Darle

A 25 foot, 1914, Columbia River Gillnet Boat. She was fished for 34 years by Victor Carlson, then by members of the Haglund family until 1972.

Early sail powered gillnetter
 The late William E. Whitten used this suit for some 20 years to clear snags for the Columbia River Fishermen's Protective Union.


Projection of global winds collected by NOAA satellites 
What a mesmerizing pattern
Coast Guard ship's honors.
Each blue "snowflake" represents 2000 kg of cocaine seized.
Local dock squatters
Three years ago


Trails End

Last April we headed west following the Lewis and Clark Trail It has been a wonderful and informative journey. We have finally reached Fort Clatsop where the mighty Columbia River meets the Pacific.  It took the Corps of Discovery 18.5 months to reach the Pacific.

The Corps toiled three weeks  constructing Fort Clatsop where they spent 106 wet miserable days preparing for their return trip.
There were 94 rainy days, 12 dry days, of which 6 were sunny.

One of three enlisted mens quarters
Lewis and Clarks quarters
William Clark's journal tells that when they encountered Native Americans he would demonstrate his air rifle.  I wondered how that was impressive. I found out. A replica was demonstrated at Fort Clapsop.

 The gun's air supply is stored in the stock. 
Unscrew the stock
Attach a handle and pump 1,500 times. 
I doubt that Clark pumped up his gun. As they say, "rank has its privilege". All that labor created a 600 - 700 psi reservoir. 
22 lead ball go into the magazine on the right side of the barrel 
This is a repeating rifle. One pushed the bar on the left over and a new lead ball dropped in. Releasing the bar then aligned the ball with the barrel. A fired lead ball exited the barrel at 1,000 ft/sec.
Push the bar again for repeated shots. The gun's air supply can fire 70 balls before having to be recharged.

Loading another ball into the breach
This is a fascinating rifle and I now understand why it was so impressive. One could silently emptying the entire 22 shot magazine in 30 seconds. It could fire lead balls clean through a 1 inch pine board at 100 yards.

William Clark's original rifle now resides in Dr. Robert Beeman's air gun collection. 

Three years ago


Winchester Bay

Passing though Bandon, OR I saw a couple of interesting things.

A rather robust Tesla charging station. I wonder how a small costal town can support this installation?

Henry the Fish created from beach trash.
I have a nice view of Salmon Harbor here in Winchester Bay. Dry camping is $17 to $23 a day. There are weekly and monthly rates. The nice thing is they are not full right now. No looking into my neighbor's window.

43.678348   -124.181184
One of the things that makes this a favorite stop are the fresh Umpqua Oyster sold at the end of the harbor.  

One pint of deliciousness
And a tasty diner they are
Three years ago


A Disaster Averted

Coming up the coast I noticed a vibration when I applied power to Serenity's drive train. I was worried that I had a bad U joint. I planned to have it checked out when I reached Coos Bay, a city large enough to have a RV repair shop. This is peak season on the Oregon coast and shops often tell you that they can get to you in two or three weeks.
The first shop I checked with told me it would be 9 days till they could look at Serenity. At the second shop, LTM Truck and Rv Repair, Lonie told me someone would take a look in a bit. Herb confirmed that I had a bad U joint and proceeded to repair it. Hooray!

Herb pull out the drive shaft
The damaged bearing
Pressing out the damage bearing
Replacing the drive shaft

I shudder thinking about the catastrophic damage the drive shaft would have done if it had come lose.

Two year ago


Boondocking Bliss

With the West melting in a triple digit heat wave, I headed for the Oregon coast. The high today a brisk 68 degrees.

42.643343   -124.407784
Camping with a million dollar view


Beating the Heat

I am moseying north along the magnificent and cool Oregon Coast. The refreshing temperatures here sharply contrast with the triple digit heat just over the coastal range.

I spent two nights, one day enjoying the ocean views.

42.296742, -124.408259 

RVing at its best 
The view, the view!


Point Arena

Hot Hot Hot, I am moving north along a much cooler coast. I am boondocking near the Point Arena Lighthouse. There is very little traffic after the lighthouse closes at 4:30. It was a very quiet spot with gorgeous views. And it was COOL.

38.942648   -123.731408 

Two years ago