42.641511 -118.579845


La Tzararacua Waterfall

On the way to Uruapan we stopped to see the Tzararacua Waterfall. It is a few miles south of our destination  and there was plenty of parking for our rigs. It is a national park and you can also camp here.

Heading down. There are 565 steps down to the waterfall.

First glimpse.

The Cupatitzio river flowing above the falls

Further down a little more is revealed

There is the cascade of the main fall and many lesser falls emerging from fissures in the rock.

The next day we visited the headwaters of the Cupatitzio River. It is located 8 miles upstream in the town of Uruapan. The government bought the land around the headwaters in 1938, turning it into a national park.

This small still pool is the headwaters. 

Only a couple hundred yards downstream the volume of water has dramatically increased. More water flows into the river through the cracks and fissures in the surrounding lava than originates in the headwater pool.

You can see the water just pouring out of the lava rock.

All this water has been channeled in to a multitude of water features.

 The  Cupatitzio River plunging through the jungle on its way to the Tzararacua Falls



We camped for two nights on the beach in Ixtapa. The campground, 17.696994  -101.645855, was a U shaped parking lot with full hookups and a refreshing pool. We went into Zihua for a walk around town and dinner.

This is Jose Azueta Abad who died defending the Port of Veracruz in 1914. The strange looking machine gun looks like something out of a Flash Gordon movie.

We had dinner at the crazy potato. 

Every potato comes with butter, crema and cheese, then you can add chorizo, ham, corn, mushrooms, corn, peppers and serval other toppings I don't remember. They were delicious.


Pot Luck

Everyone agreed that our delicious pot luck was a great success.

Toasting another great day in Mexico.

 Lorrain, her mothe in law and Wendy

 Denise, Bob, Sue and Roy

Lynette, Barry and Paul

Mark our great host, Ruth and Kevin


The Beach

Another quiet day in La Barrita.

 Bait fish


Travel Day Interrupted

The plan was an early, cool 7:30 start, an easy 110 miles and lunch on the beach. Best laid plans and all that...  In Mexico, especially in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca, citizens will protest by blocking the highway. The highway workers union had blocked the road ahead.

We came to a dead stop. Better in an RV than a car. I started the generator and turned on the AC and made the lunch I had planned for the beach.

 The protesters were focused on stopping commercial traffic and let passenger cars and luckily us through after one hour and fifty minutes.

There was a continuous stream of bus passengers from the other side of the blockade walking past. I don't know where they were going.

The blockade. We are through.

Buses on the other side. How long they remained there I do not know. It could have been hours.

 We are at Casa Rayo de Sol Campground, 17.412178, -101.182262. It a small very nice campground run by a wonderful Canadian couple. Mark's father bought the property back in the 50s. A hurricane demolished the buildings in 2013. Ever since Mark and his wife Lorrine have been transforming the property into a great campground.

Watching the sunset

Another great day on the road.



The caravan has come to rest in the palm shaded Acapulco Trailer Park (16.90345 -99.975520) a few miles north of town.

We caught  the one of a kind Loony Tunes bus into downtown Acapulco.

A very fancy bus

The coast along the way

 Happy travelers Denise, Bob, Sue and Ruth

First stop was to watch the cliff divers. Although cliff diving at La Quebrada had taken place for many years, it was not until 1934 that the La Quebrada Cliff Divers was formed. A cruise ship was in port so it was hot and crowed. We arrived  early and go seats in the shade.

The divers climbing up the 135 foot cliff. This impressed me as much a diving off this soaring escarpment. Check Kevin's bog for close ups. 

Pushing off. The cliff slopes out, so the divers have to push out far enough to clear the bottom.

 The flip

 The pike

 A clean entry

Applause for a dive well executed.

Walking along the malacon

Bob capturing the local beauties

Cathy recording the scenic harbor