Abiquiu, NM

Abiquiu, NM
36.228336 -106.395991


Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

I was pleasantly surprised how lush and green Organ Pipe was. The park is simply gorgeous. It is unique and has been designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve. 12,000 years ago Paleo-Indians hunted mammoths in cooler, wetter woodlands. Today, plants and animals have adapted to high heat and scarce water.

Cholla up front, Saguaro standing tall

Looking across a rift valley

Bending toward the horizon at the end of the day.

 Thorny Ocotillo, a spiny scarlet flowered desert shrub on the left
and Oran Pipe Cactus to the right

The Prickly Pear has a beautiful red fruit.
 It is often sought after as a delicacy. 


Serenity's Facial

One of my goals in Rocky Point was to get Serenity's stress fractures, rock chips and a couple of holes fixed.

Left side
The aluminum plate is my temporary fix
for a couple of holes in the side.

Right side stress fracture.

Getting those rock chips
Ready to paint
The brown paint
The clear coat
The big reveal

Looking 10 years younger
I am very pleased with Santiago's work. The paint match was better than I expected.  $500


Up Up and Away

The WINs are in warm and sunny Puerto Penasco, Rock Point, MX. Today was Ultralight day. I had my first  thrilling flight. These things are so cool.

Jetty being constructed for cruise ships.
To be finished someday, maybe.

Puerto Pensado ahead

Our campground.
You can see some WINs launching their kayaks.

Down low, just off the water


Ah, Cold Air

On the road the other day I was getting hot. I turned on Serenity's dash AC and nary a breath of cold air blew my way. I needed to get the AC fixed before summer heat descends. C J's RV Repair Specialists in Yuma referred me to Bill's Tractor and Auto Repair.

V Y, yes that is his first name, located a leak at the condenser. It had been caused because the dryer, a small black canister, had not been anchored to the frame. As it moved and vibrated, it caused the fitting at the condenser to loosen.
The condenser is wet with leaking fluid
Redlands Truck and RV Redlands, CA had forgotten to install this crucial bracket when they replaced my engine. 
I talked to Chris and he said they would take care of me, and they did. 

Harmon and V Y assembling the new condenser.
The critical bracket ready
to be attached to the frame.
Rechargiing the system.

Claud, Bill's son, did a great job finding a new condenser and getting me out in three days. 

Claud tallying the bill

Redlands Truck and RV  stood tall. They covered the total cost, $1,100. They are a one of the great shops and my go to shop in the Southwest.


Forgot to Turn the H2O Heater Off Again?

I don't leave my water heater on 24/7. I heat the water in the morning, then turn it off. The water remains hot to warm through out the day.

When you turn the heater on a large red light comes on and stays on until the burner lights. Then it goes out. I found that frequently I would forget to turn the heater off after it had heated the water. There was no light to indicate it was on. I know, I could look at the position of the on off switch, but being absent minded I forget.

Burner trying to light

I got a 12 volt LED light at Radio Shack. I drilled a small hole to mount it next to the switch. By trial and error I found the two connections I needed so it would glow when the heater was on. 

Much better. The little red light is a great reminder that the heater is on. No more leaving the water heater on all night.

The water heater is on.



It has been a week and a half kicking tires and looking at every imaginable RV accessory. I treated Serenity to four new Trojan 105 batteries from Discount Solar.

The WINs are camped north of Quartzsite on Plomosa Rd . My spectacular view.

Arlene singing for her dinner at Linda's rig.

Linda, Mike, Linda, Paul, Barbara, Arlene

Headed down Rocky Point, MX next. Serenity will be getting a face lift.



That's Desert Golf at the WIN County Club on a cold and blustery day. We, Paul Linda Carolyn and I, were competing with three other teams on this challenging four hole all rough course. We managed to avert total embarrassment by coming in third.

Off the T, sort of.
Now, where did it go?
Carolyn smacks a good one
What a fairway
Paul's off the T with a nice shot.

Linda sinks it.
A great time was had by one and all.