38.570292 -123.331727


Repairs :-(

We have been in Knoxville two and half weeks now. Linda's rig has a leaking radiator. Few days to diagnose the problem, one week to deliver a new $3000 radiator, and now a week waiting in the queue for shop space. The good news is Spartan will cover the radiator and the 12 hours of labor to install it.
It was great weather when we arrived, but now we are on the edge of the storm hitting NY and Washington DC.

Serenity is hopefully dry and warm in Brawley, CA. She is in the capable hands of Rod at David and Sons. Her engine has been pulled. The number three piston at sized. Her engine is being rebuilt. I hope to be home soon. 


Seeking the Warm

Linda and I are headed west to sunny :-) Arizona. It has been unseasonably warm in Hancock, NH, but still very cold for a thin blooded California boy. Linda just rolls her eyes.
We have been rolling south on Interstate 81.

Headed south out of Hancock

Linda's capable hands on the wheel

Still cold outside

Pennsylvania farm land. What do you notice?
That's right NO SNOW

81 through Virginia's deciduous forests

Right now we are in Knoxville, TN.


Great Spots

I have always appreciated bloggers like George, boondocker supreme and master travelers Kevin and Ruth who share the great boondocking spots they find. Here are a few of my favorite spots.

Burns Lake  47.755160, -119.226581

Bay Side CG, FL  30.516554, -87.007169

Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge, TX
33.958243  -102.782009

Bosque Redondo Park, NM
34.432551, -104.213278

Winslow, AZ  35.113156, -111.033298

Lake Walker, NV  38.740001, -118.766058

South Beach Campground, OR.
47.568103, -124.361592

Nova Scotia  46.211028  -60.593313

Jordan River Recreation Park, Vancouver Island
48.421161, -124.052082 $12 a night.

Georgie Lake, Vancouver Island 50.744553, -127.614665