Abiquiu, NM

Abiquiu, NM
36.228336 -106.395991


Drifting North

A very nice county park in the Redwoods, on the Smith River
Ruby van Deventer County Park 41.853181, -124.121716

Catching the tail end of the Rhododendron bloom
Always good to know where you are
Winchester Bay, OR 43.680744, -124.182441
Only a few rigs here, very nice
Neat rain gauge 
South Beach Campground WA 47.566735, -124.361584


Road Trip

My sister Wendy has just retired from 30 years of teaching. She is toast. She needs to relax. She needs a road trip. We are headed for BC for a camping trip with her daughter, son in law, and most importantly her two grandchildren.

Being retired great, sleeping in EVERY morning priceless.
Peace and tranquility in the Redwoods, on the Smith River for only $15 a night. Ruby van Deventer County Park at 41.854324  -124.121548