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Good Food

Sunday when I drove by the Maltby Cafe (47.80527, -122.11424) there were legions of people waiting outside. A good  quality indicator.

The restaurant is in the basement. There is a gym upstairs. I guess you can work off you guilt after breakfast. 

Went back today and was not disappointed. They have some great Benidicts, but I was too late. I had the Reuben. The sandwich was great, but the fries were only so so.

I also had a little, well not so little, something to go. It is a great cinnamon roll. It is 6 inches across.

Headed east on hwy 2 tomorrow. 

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  1. Garth,

    Great campsites up Icicle Creek outside of Leavenworth. Good fruit stands (peaches might be ripe) east of town also.