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Museum of the Rockies

WOW!  What a great museum. The exhibits are excellent and so informative. This was a great precursor to the dino dig next week.

Bozeman traffic jam.

Big Mike

The real thing

The close up

The egg clutches that Dr. Jack Horner found, evidence that some dinos lived in herds and cared for their young.

Model of the bones

And the flip side

Madison River

After the museum I went out to the Madison River for a couple of relaxing days. (45.59764, -111.57072) Tubing is very popular. But these are your dad's tubes. I think some of them have wet bars in them. 

Old school

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  1. I had forgotten about the dino dig.... how fun! The tubing looks like a great time - did you run out and buy one? How far were most of the floating down? No big rapids I guess. Do you get to keep any of the dino bones you find? That would be a great birthday gift for yourself!!!! =-)