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All Better

RV repair shops get jammed up during the summer with long wait times. One shop said they could not start repairs until after Labor Day and it would take two weeks to finish. A-1 Auto Body said they could start the next day, Wednesday and they would be finished the following Wednesday. I was stoked. Took Serenity in noon Wednesday and she was finished early, Friday. Can't say enough about the great service at A-1 Auto Body.

Cummins will work on the generator Thursday. I hope they can find the intermittent problem. 

Cliff's neighbor Nancy is having a dinner party for the neighbors. She is a great cook and I hear it's surf and turf tonight, steak and salmon. : - )))))  

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  1. Glad Serenity is all better. Looks like good work. Isn't Cummins the place you had the generator "fixed" last time???