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Repair Day

Repair Day

Serenity squeeeeeeeezing onto the lift. Note the horizontal blue bar on the left.

A window exit for Shayne because he could not open the door on the other side of the rig. 

Cutting out the old.

Holey pipes. The previous owner had replaced one of the original stainless steel exhaust pipes with a plain steel pipe. Also the smaller generator pipe needed replacement.

The work was done at Custom Exhaust Specialties in Bend. They can fabricate anything you need on site.

A new exhaust pipe one bend at a time. 

Welding all the pieces together. 

I was very impressed with CES. They were very careful with the rig starting with Shayne removing his shoes when he entered the rig. The fabrication of the exhaust pipes was neat, clean and very precise. The pipe is aluminum coated to prevent rust. All welds were coated with a high temp anti rust paint. 

After the repairs I went down the the Mill District for a late lunch. This is an up scale shopping area on the site of a lumber mill that was in operation from before the turn of the century until 1983 when the last log was processed. The mill  run 24/7.
I had read about a Mexican place that I wanted to try.

Is is very cute and I ordered the pork mole enchilada. I was not impressed. It was rather bland tasting, having no real zip to the flavor.

 After lunch I took a walk around the Mill District

                    Old mill stuff    

This is a multi use area with parks and walk ways along the river.

Along the river are different stations to hone your fly fishing skills. Each station has a different challenge

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