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President Carter Library

President Carter's idea was to create a place where people could work on achieving world peace and fight disease.
It is probably obvious to you who are more politicly incline than I, but I was struck by the similarities between Carter's election and Obama. Both were voted into office as a back lash to Washington politics as usual. I wonder what would have happened if the Iran hostage crisis had not occurred and President Carter had been elected for second term.

The museum creates a nice presentation of President Carter's life.

A view into the oval office through the door way that lead to the Rose Garden.

This is a reproduction of President Carter's desk. President Obama is using the original. The model behind the desk is of the Revolutionary War privateer Rattlesnake. The glass donkey was a gift from the Georgia Democratic Party. "The Buck Stops Here" sign was a gift from Harry Truman's daughter.

Ceiling detail.

President Carter's oval office. Every item in the room is a copy.

Presidential Booty.

The amber and gold necklace was a gift from President Joaquin and Mrs. Emma Balaguer of the Dominican Republic. The sandals were a gift from Indian President Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy.

This Ostrich Egg shows President Carter's cabinet and plays Hail to the Chife. It was a gift from its maker Barbara A. Frye.

This silver Toucan Pitcher was a gift from First Lady Carmen Romano de Lopez Portillo of Mexico.

This is a repoduction of the centuries old Hungarian Crown of St. Stephen was returned to Hungary. It had been taken by the US Army during WWII to prevent it from falling into Russian hands.

A gift from Crown Prince Fahd Bin Abd al-Alziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia

In 1991, citizens of Gbowime Village, Benin gave this boat to the Carters in gratitude for their fight against Guinea worm disease.


Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter were awarded the Presidential Medals of Freedom August 9, 1999.

And last but not least, President Carter's 2002 Nobel Peace Prize.

This statue represents the Carter Center's fight against river blindness in Guatemala. 

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