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Paleo Graffiti

We explored the fascinating and enigmatic art created by the Jornada Mogollon people over 600 years ago. The Mogollon culture has exited in the Southwest since 150 AD. For hundreds and maybe thousands of years the Mogollons have been creating their images by chipping away the desert varnish to expose the lighter rock beneath. Since desert varnish forms very very slowly, think thousands of years, the exposed rock remains lighter than the surrounding surface. Because there are no surviving member of this culture, the images remain open to interpretation .

I think that the lower image will be used by the History channel to "prove" that the Mogollon people were visited by large eyed aliens.

Trish, Carol and Linda.

The lichens are an especially bright shade of green here.

Carol, Linda, Paul, Janet, Trish and me

Is this image asking for a successful Big Horn Sheep hunt??
There are over 20,000 petroglyphs and a nice campground (33.34447, -106.00861) at the Three Rivers Site

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