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Seeking the Cool

Denver is enduring record heat. It has been in the 90s for several days now. Enough is enough, we are going up. Temperature drops about 4 degrees for every 1000 feet of elevation gain. Mt. Evens is one of 53 14,000 foot plus mountain peaks in Colorado. It is 9000 feet higher than Denver and should be at least 32 degrees cooler. It is the highest paved road in the US.

Bristle Cone Pines
Timberline. Temperature 60 degrees
Forget Me Nots
Stop at partly frozen Summit Lake
Alpine phlox
Yellow-Bellied Marmot 

We passed many cyclists. It is a 14 mile, 4% to 6% grade, 2700 foot climb to the top.

You are almost there
Bighorn Sheep
You can see the road on the shoulder of the mountain below.
It was a very brisk 40 degrees. It felt wonderful.
Mountain Goat
What a view.
Photo op at the very top. Don't step back.

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  1. Very pretty up there. Just wondering how hard is to climb that twisting & turning road up the mountains in a motorhome ?