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Beach with a View

Ocean City, WA is home to some spectacular wood carvings at Ocean City Market Place. Can’t miss it, right at the jog in hwy 109. (47.071379, -124.165992)

Work in progress
Joe is holding one of his elegant creations. He comes from a family of wood carvers. His father, aunts, and uncles are all artists and display their creations here. 

South Beach

No, I have not been magically transported back to Florida, but South Beach Campground, OR. (47.568103, -124.361592)
Following my 2 by 2 axiom, less than 200 miles and off the road by 2, paid off big today. I arrived at South Beach C.G. by 12:30 and scored one of the coveted sites on the low bluff over looking the Pacific. By 3 all the ocean side sites were snapped up. Great view for only $5 night with my old fart pass.

Hundreds of mostly 3 to 4 inch crabs litterer the beach. Was this the result of predators, or something else? An even more interesting question is why are they all males?    

Catching Surf Perch, yummy

Great walking beach.
My new pedometer app totaled 14,578 steps.
Three gastropods hunker down, their operculums sucked in tight, waiting for high tide and salvation. Only 7.5 hours to go.   

Spectacular end to another great day on the road.


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