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A Find

Driving north of Weed, Ca I spotted an intriguing statue.

I pulled in and discovered a wonderful park on the slopes of Mt. Shasta. It was founded by a group of veterans in 1988. Sculptor Dennis Smith has created many magnificent sculptures honoring the men and women that served our country. (41.542949, -122.231136)

The Greatest Generation
Those Left Behind

The Nurses
The Korean War Veteran Monument
The Flute Player
"For me a flute symbolizes peace and tranquility"  Dennis Smith

Also, there a few headstones. I don't know if anyone is buried here. 

The names of veterans from the Revolutionary War through current conflicts are inscribed on the Hot LZ Wall. The names of these veterans come from all over the USA.  Each Memorial Day new names are added to the wall.   
Clarence Morgan, a Korean veteran, is pointing out his name to his guest from Uganda. He is a very talented sculptor who creates beautiful pieces from junk metal. Clarence brought him here to see Dennis Smith's work. 

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