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Delamination Fix

Serenity is showing her age. She has some delmaination going on, and it is not cost effective to have her re-skinned. When the sun hits her aluminum skin it bulges out do to the expanding hot air trapped beneath. My low tech/cheap solution was to use aluminum screw posts to pull the wall together.

Posts come in 1/4 inch increments. You need one
a little shorter than your wall is thick.

Sanded and painted the heads
before installation.
Laying out the post's placement.

I first drilled with a smaller drill, pop rivet diameter, in case I hit the 2 inch square frame. I did not, so I enlarged them to the diameter of the posts.

My brother calked and held the post in while I screwed in the male end from the inside.


Tonight I have a scenic camp on the Willapa River. (map)
$100,000 view for just $10

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