38.570292 -123.331727


Leadville, CO

I moved south to a great boondocking spot just four miles out of Leadville.

39.247081  -106.356973
The Mining Museum has informative and interesting exhibits about mining around the world. History, machinery, dioramas, and a walk through model mine. But my favorites are the exquisite mineral specimens. 

Rhodochrosite (red) is Colorado's State mineral. 

Selenite from Manitoba Cananda

Quartz from Ontario Canada

Scolocite (white) & Apophyllite (green) from India

Quartz on Specularite from China

A huge magnificent Quartzite specimen 

And everyone loves gold

1852 $5 US gold coin

"Littlle Jonny" A 24 oz crystalline gold specimen was
recovered from a Little Jonny Mine muck car in 1892

Placer gold discovered in Fairplay, CO

Lunch was next. I had some really tasty pizza at High Mountain Pies. 

It's called the Square Pizza, but comes round and very good

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