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Walden CO

I am currently enjoying the beauty and serenity of  Crowdrey Reservoir. At 8100 feet I have found cool weather This broad green valley is surrounded by the snow capped Rockies.

What a great view
The reservoir is stocked with Brown and Rainbow Trout. 

Caught diner this morning

One of my neighbors

Walden has a terrific museum that is preserving the local history. There are 27 rooms showcasing memorabilia ranging back to the first settlers who homesteaded here in the 1860's

1896 parlor stove from the
S. Brown Lee home.

Vintage clothing anyone?

Mamie Hampton's 1907 Wedding Dress

Change maker from the Valley Bank

No nuking a Swanson diner here

Axes used to build pioneer log cabins

Cutting edge technology come to Walden

I love this string dispenser.

Fonts used in printing "The New Era", Walden's first paper

I was amazed at the hundreds of photographs, all with annotations. 

5th grade, The Dalles OR, I sat at a desk like these.

More cutting edge technology.

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