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The Oh Too Cute Fishing Village

Peggy's Cove (44.49261, -63.91693) is a charming little village perched on the glacier scoured granite shores of Nova Scotia. Tourism overtook fishing as the main revenue source after WWII. Strict zoning laws help maintain it's small fishing village appeal.

Beginning in 1977, at age 70, William deGarthe began sculpting in his backyard a tribute to the people of Peggy's Cove. He finished the 30 m sculpture 6 years later

This section represents Work

This section Bounty

This section Grace

The large boulder in the foreground is an erratic dropped by the melting glaciers that scoured this landscape down to granite bedrock 15,000 years ago.

Paul, Adelle and Linda enjoying the splendid coastal view.

A great fiind. 

With hunger bearing down on us, we stopped at the next eating establishment. What great luck, the Seaside Shanty (44.56755, -64.30696) was a great find. Guy should check this one out.

Linda raved about her creep being as good as any she had in France.

My haddock burger was also delicious. 

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