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Sherbrooke Village

Great ocean view from the overnight camp on the way to Sherbrooke. (44.96759, -62.08676)

In 1969 Sherbrooke decided to form an historical district to preserve it's older buildings. They layed out the boundaries and began buying building as they became available. The locals began emptying their barn and attics for items to display in the village. There are still two privately owned homes within the district. None of these building have been moved from their original locations. Costumed docents demonstrate life back at the turn of the last century.

Weeding the pumpkin patch. The children have put their name on their pumpkin plant. 

Local transportation in for repair.

The local smithy has been hammering iron for 16 years. He said that people consider him proficient.

Very nice work.

The Post Office and Print Shop.

This very old press still "runs like it was new"

A recipe for Gingerbread

Yea old apothecary

A pill maker. Play dough is used for the demonstration. Just slide the top plate over the bottom and out pop pills. 

A long way from the baby bottle I remember using.

Linda, Paul and Adelle decided not to buy tailor made. 

This flat bottomed boat is called  a punt and was used for sport fishing on the river.

The General Store.

This is a doggy treadmill. When he walks, he churns butter in the crock to the left.

Sherbrooke church

Teacher, Teacher Linda is not paying attention.       This two room school house was used until 1967. Grades 1-6 in this room and 8-12 across the hall. The students did have contemporary desks. 

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