Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Cabot Trail II

The coast is just spectacular. Every turn reveals an even more exciting vista.

Camped at Pleasant Bay, NS  (46.83019, -60.80033)

Linda and Patricia watching for Pilot Whales

Thar they blow.

Captain Russell did a terrific job of finding the whales and getting us in close. 

Camped at the harbor, Bay St. Lawrence  (46.99878, -60.46188) 

Down to the docks for fresh Snow Crab. 

The captan is picking out four nice ones for us. $3/lb

The gal in blue is recording the catches weight. This is done for all the boats and when the quota is reached, the season is over. It lasts about 1.5 to 2 weeks. 

Cleaned crab

Ready for the feast

The crab was fantastic. Paul thought the Snow Crab he had had before was bland and did not expect much. He was pleasantly surprised, saying it was the best crab he had ever eaten. We all thought it was better than lobster. 

Patricia, Paul, Linda and me.
As far northeast as we can drive. (map) After 8 fabulous months, it is time to head home. What a great group of traveling companions.

Up and down we go. Several of the grades are 13-15%

Days end in yet another stunning spot. (46.21123, -60.59387) The Mackerel are running and you do not need a license for salt water fishing in NS. Walked a few step out my door and caught dinner. 

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