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Island Sojourn

The people of Prince Edward Island are soooo friendly. When a boondocking spot did not pan out, a  couple let us camp on their lawn for three days. Most of the homes are on large lots, some several acres, that are painted and well taken care of.

Crossing the 8 mile Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. Completed in 1997 the people of the island finally had year round access to the mainland. 

There are many beautiful churches here. This one was built in 1924

The area around the North Cape Lighthouse is a center for wind powered generators.

You don't realize how large the windmills are until you stand next to one of the fiberglass blades.

This guy must spend an entire day every week mowing his lawn. The rider mower concession up here is a real money maker.

Nice way to block a door.

There are wild lupines everywhere. 

Lobster traps stored at seasons end.

Lobster trap buoys 

A handy man special.

Done the whole island.

The Beaconsfield House was built for James and Edith Peake in 1877. James made his fourtune building wooden sailing ships. He lost it 6 years later when he did not make the transition to building steam powered iron clad ships.

The finish on these beautiful doors is very interesting.

The door is made of one kind of wood, then painted to mimic the three types of wood seen here. This was a custom of the time. 

A 21 gun salute for Canada Day

National pride

It is the custom to give out free cake to celebrate Canada Day

Yes, we stood in that long line for A cupcake

A nice end to a great Canada Day


  1. I only saw two ribbons - North and East Point - what happened to South and West? The picture of the fixer-upper looks like something mom would have painted - love it! The lupines and that purple flower are beautiful. So glad you are having a great time and seeing so many wonderful sights. :-)

    1. It is a very long narrow island, no west or south lighthouses.

  2. Lovely pictures. I almost named my little trailer Serinity after the Firefly series. Settled on Little Sanitee instead.