38.570292 -123.331727


Really Big Tides

A wild blueberry field. Canada is the largest producer of wild blueberries.

Our little band camped at a beautiful spot on the Bay of Fundy. (45.59817, -64.78257)

Hopewell Rocks (45.81846, -64.57789) We got up early and got there just 20 minutes after low tide. Today high tide will rise to just under the top of the arch behind me.

This guy fell off his pedestal a few years ago.

Predicted to topple in the next 50 years

At Hopewell Rocks the minimum tide is 32 feet, the maximum spring tide 46 feet. The dark green sea week has to be coved twice a day to survive.

Local wild life

Lunch in Alma at the Wharf side Patio.

The salmon wrap with a nice portion of fish was OK, but nothing for Guy to come and check out. 


  1. Hi

    I am a WIN friend of Adelle and she suggested I check your blog. The flower pots look about the same as in 1998 when I was there. We did not find all those wonderful parking spots though. Thank you for sharing. Donna