38.570292 -123.331727


Campobello Island

A great boondocking site. (44.88304, -67.13054)

It doesn't get much better than this. There is a 20 foot tidal flux here, half the time the water is flowing out to sea and the other half it is rushing into the bay

Looking from the Mulholland Point Lighthouse, built 1885, across the border to Lubec, Maine. It is the eastern most town in the US.  

Children's play room

The living room has great views of the bay

The Roosevelt children were home schooled until age 14. Even in summer a tutor accompanied the family to Campobello.

A tough way to do the ironing.


The beautiful Campobello shoreline. What a great place to unwind and spend you summer. Sailing the families's 12.2 m  schooner, the Half Moon, on the Bay of Fundy was a favorite pastime.

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