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Main Lobster

It is pricey and you have to ask, is it worth it?
That depends.

First and best lobster roll at Kimball Farms Jaffery, NH The waffle fries were also great. (42.80962, -72.00759)

Second roll smaller, stale bun and potato chips. Disappointing

Young's Lobster Pond. High web rating. Good, but much smaller than Kimball's roll for the same price. No fries. (44.43022, -68.99658)

Lobster Stew at the highly aclaimed Jordan Pond House, Acadia Nation Park. (44.3206, -68.25365)  I was told this was their most popular dish.  Being the same price as a whole lobster, I expected a good amount of lobster in it. It had maybe......  a table spoon of lobster fragments in it. Just a tasty cream broth. Extremely disappointing.

OK, lets try a whole lobster. Only the shell between me and the meat.  Beal's Lobster Pier. (44.27511, -68.31323) The claws were great, but the tail very tough and chewy. I think Dungeness Crab beats lobster hands down. It is much better and consistently good. A miss on lobster is a pricey mistake.

One more try. At the Family Fisheries Restaurant on Campobello Island,  the waitress assured me that I would find some lobster in their Lobster Stew. It was excellent and chuck full of lobster. Sorry, not photos, forgot the camera.

Until sometime in the early 1900's, lobster was considered a trash fish, used for fertilizer or feed to prisoners and servants.


  1. I'm with you. I'll take crab. Given choices on a menu, lobster is never a selection..

  2. It was an expensive lesson to learn.