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Home of the Blue Nose II

Lunenburg, NS was home to the original Blue Nose built in 1921. She was a fishing and racing schooner. She is famous through out Canada for the size of the cod catches she brought home and for winning many schooner races with the American. She is featured on the Canadian dime.

This a replica of the original Blue Nose, the Blue Nose II. The ships name came from the nick name for  people from Nova Scotia, Blue Noses. The nick name came from the blue tined potatoes they grew and sold on the eastern seaboard. 

A model of  the fully rigged  Blue Nose II

The Cape Sable, a retied Cod trawler. 

First mate's cabiin

Captain's cabin behind the bridge

The Theresa E Connor was launched in 1938. She was called a Saltbank Schooner because they preserved the Cod by salting them down.

Cabin for the Captain and mates.

Crew quarters in the bow. 

Hole where catch was slated down.

One of 12 fishing dories that would have been carried by the Theresa E Connor. Each dory had two fisherman aboard.

They would leave the mother ship at 3am and set a line wiht 2000 baited hooks on it. Then go in for breakfast. 

They would then return to their line, reel it up with this apparatus. The first man removed any cod and threw them into the center of the boat, then passed the hook over his shoulder to his partner who baited it and returned it to the sea. The dory could hold 2000 pounds of fish. 

Back on the mother ship the Cod were gutted, beheaded and the backbone and tail removed. This reduced their weight by 50%. Then they were salted down in the hole. 

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