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Highland Games

Off to Antigonish for the Highland Games. I might even be related to some of the contestants. A slight hitch getting here. We punched Walmart (45.60902, -62.01312) address, 50 Market St., into our GPS units and headed out. Our GPS units put  4 class A motorhomes, two with Towds, and a travel trailer into a residential cul-de-sac. We just had to remind ourselves that RVing is an adventure.  We determined he Walmart address is correct, but Street Atlas and Garmin both put Market St. in the wrong location.

Off to the Parade

What's a parade without the Shriner's and their little cars.

Nice trucks.

The Very Hungry Catipiller.

the Red Hat Society

At the Games

How far can you throw a 16 lb stone? The winner threw it over 60 feet.

Two men to carry the 150 lb caber out.

Four men to stand the caber up. 

And one man to pick the caber up by the end, run forward while balancing it and try to flip it 360 degrees. The goal is not distance but to have the caber land straight out from tosser at the 12 o'clock position. One contestant did it twice.  

The Girls digging ditches to plant their feet in.
The girls tug-of-war. The pull lasts 8 minutes or when one team drags the other across the mid point. 

The pull is on.

When one team senses a weakness in the other, they flip around in unison and pull hard.

Dragging their opponents across the mid point. 

The men's pull was 15 minutes. The men added ditches past the ropes end. I guess they were optimistic they were headed that way. 

When the other team gives a little, they fall back. But they can not sit on the ground so they bounce right back upl

Periodically they rest one arm.

Black team flips and 

pulls the other team across the mid point to win. 

The hammer throw
About 20 lb.

Notice the knife blades on their shoes used to anchor their feet. 

Also a little highland dancing

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