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Ah, Cold Air

On the road the other day I was getting hot. I turned on Serenity's dash AC and nary a breath of cold air blew my way. I needed to get the AC fixed before summer heat descends. C J's RV Repair Specialists in Yuma referred me to Bill's Tractor and Auto Repair.

V Y, yes that is his first name, located a leak at the condenser. It had been caused because the dryer, a small black canister, had not been anchored to the frame. As it moved and vibrated, it caused the fitting at the condenser to loosen.
The condenser is wet with leaking fluid
Redlands Truck and RV Redlands, CA had forgotten to install this crucial bracket when they replaced my engine. 
I talked to Chris and he said they would take care of me, and they did. 

Harmon and V Y assembling the new condenser.
The critical bracket ready
to be attached to the frame.
Rechargiing the system.

Claud, Bill's son, did a great job finding a new condenser and getting me out in three days. 

Claud tallying the bill

Redlands Truck and RV  stood tall. They covered the total cost, $1,100. They are a one of the great shops and my go to shop in the Southwest.

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  1. Finding a shop that takes responsibility for their work is a bonus! Thanks for sharing.