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Forgot to Turn the H2O Heater Off Again?

I don't leave my water heater on 24/7. I heat the water in the morning, then turn it off. The water remains hot to warm through out the day.

When you turn the heater on a large red light comes on and stays on until the burner lights. Then it goes out. I found that frequently I would forget to turn the heater off after it had heated the water. There was no light to indicate it was on. I know, I could look at the position of the on off switch, but being absent minded I forget.

Burner trying to light

I got a 12 volt LED light at Radio Shack. I drilled a small hole to mount it next to the switch. By trial and error I found the two connections I needed so it would glow when the heater was on. 

Much better. The little red light is a great reminder that the heater is on. No more leaving the water heater on all night.

The water heater is on.

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