Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving greetings from the WINs 

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Great to see Arlene and Paul again. We reminisced about our great trip east. Adelle you are missed. 
We are all thankful for families and great friends. 


Peg Leg Smith

We are camped around the Peg Leg historical monument,  commemorating yet another lost gold mine story.

The Turkeys have Landed

Skillful hands slice and dice a dozen turkeys. The bones hit the pot for soup.

Full Circle

One year ago I attend my first WIN gathering, Thanksgiving at Borrego Springs, CA. I heard about Ellie's trip. She had planned a sojourn across the southern US and up the east coast. It sounded great, so I departed after Thanksgiving with a wonderful group of fellow travelers for a 9 month adventure. New sights, good food and wonderful friends.And the icing on my cake, the cherry on my sunday, I met  my new love, Linda. What a wonderful year it has been.

Gathered near Borrego Springs. (33.29509, -116.29809) There will be 70+ for Turkey Day.


Art and a Lunch

My sister Wendy and I caught a nice little arts and craft show in Long Beach. We doubled our pleasure with a great lunch at a Triple D pick, the At Last Cafe.

Even live entertainment

Gota make you smile :-)

Would this be considered Steam Punk?

A small cafe with huge taste

My Buffalo Tri-tip sandwich with pasta salad was excellent.

Wendy enjoyed the stuffed pork chop featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives.  Guy made a great call on this spot. 

I noticed that Wandering Lloyd is setting up a home base in Tucson after full timing for 12 years. 

I also noticed that Tioga George says he will no longer blog. He has always been an inspiration for me. I hope that all is well.


Curing Hitch Itch

Ah, the peace and quite. Boondocking with my buddy Cliff. (36.33798, -116.59951) We are camped at the sight of and old mining town. All that remains are some concrete slabs. 

Guess where I am going.

Scotty's Castle 

Death Valley Scotty coned Albert Johnson of Chicago into investing in his fictional gold mine. He and his wife traveled to Death Valley to see the mine for themselves. Scotty stalled and stalled until an unlikely friendship developed between Scotty and the Johnson's. Albert and his wife decided to build a winter retreat here and construction began in 1922.  $$$$$$$$  
Despite the name, Scotty did not live here. His preference was a spartan house a couple of miles away.

There is exquisite, unique metal work through out the house.

This is the prep kitchen adjacent to the dinning room. Most dishes were prepared in the detached cook house and brought here to be served. 

Going old school.
I love the beautiful metal work.

Music room

Ubehebe Crater

A veritable babe in the desert, Ubehebe was created 2000 years ago when hot magma superheated ground water which flashed to steam creating an explosion that spewed shattered rock over a 6 square mile area.

 White Gold

Borax was the most profitable mineral found in Death Valley.

Mule powered wagons hauled 36 tons of borax and 1,200 gallons of water to the rail heads at the south end of Death Valley. Not all wagon trains were pulled by 20 mules, sometimes a few more or a few less.

The yellow trail was used from 1882 to 1883. The red route from 1884 to 1888. 

The mules were replaced by steam powered tractors.

The salt flats are called the Devils Golf Course.

Though my Golden Age got me into the Death Valley campgrounds for $6, it's infinitely better to boondock for free with nary another sole in sight. (35.92684, -116.32967)