Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Icicle Creek

Just outside Leavenworth is an awesome canyon. Looks like it might be a great kayak run, but I did not see any. Great spot to kick back and relax. Thanks Don for the tip.


Another Beautiful Day

Leaving Stevens Pass, headed for Thousand Trails (47.85588, -121.31155) in Leavenworth. One last look at the around.

Stopped at the 59er Diner (47.75665, -120.74019) and had a great burger. Due to the diabetes I passed on the milk shakes which they are very proud of. They post how many they sell each month, from a high of over 6000 in the summer to low winter sales of just over a thousand.

Days end

Stevens Pass

Camped (47.85588, -121.31155) up in the Mt. Baker NF. This area is stunning with rugged terrain and soaring peaks.


Good Food

Sunday when I drove by the Maltby Cafe (47.80527, -122.11424) there were legions of people waiting outside. A good  quality indicator.

The restaurant is in the basement. There is a gym upstairs. I guess you can work off you guilt after breakfast. 

Went back today and was not disappointed. They have some great Benidicts, but I was too late. I had the Reuben. The sandwich was great, but the fries were only so so.

I also had a little, well not so little, something to go. It is a great cinnamon roll. It is 6 inches across.

Headed east on hwy 2 tomorrow. 


The Build is Over

Day One

Day 14

Time to say goodbye to new friends. Until we meet again down the road.

Serenity's first ferry ride. We took the ferry from Kingston to Edmonds, $50. I figure it was about $15 less than the cost of gas going around the sound.

 We are tucked in at Thousand Trails (47.84619, -121.87786) and doing laundry. It took three washers to do two weeks of dirty cloths. 


And the Work Goes On

Collins, (r) Habitat for Humanity's excellent construction supervisor discusses layout with ace builder Clint.
Collins is recent grad from Colorado State with a degree in construction management. He had done a great job of keeping the build organized and moving forward.

Yes, they let me use power tools.

Jo-Ann swings a mean hammer

Ice Cream Social and Farkle

Make you your own sunday. Very tasty

We had two Farkle games going.

Robert (l) was score keeper and won both games. Mmmmmm?


Sunny Saturday

Looking for something good to eat.

Aha, found one of the major food groups

I am holding on very delicious raspberry turnover

Tasty food and good music.

I like this banner.

The courthouse. I was told at the framers market that Port Townsend is one of the three best victorian ports in the US.

I think liberals may live here

A really nice home.

Afternoon games. Robert just scored large in Farkle, a dice game, but alas not enough points to beat Sandra, in red.

Moving on to Ladder Ball. The red rung is 3 points, yellow 2 and blue 1. You play to 21

Fun was had by all.  RVers are the nicest people. 


One Week Down, One to Go

Pouring the slab on the second house

The trusses arrived a day late.

The ladies are going to frame the second house while we men set the trusses on the first house.
Kathy, Pamela, & Sue (l-r) start the layout for the bottom plates. 

Jo-Ann, Sue and Steven, Jo-Ann's grandson, begin the framing by nailing together king and jack studs for the doors. 


By days end the ladies, 6 in all, had framed a perfect wall. Notches had to be cut for a number of water pipes and bolts coming out of the slab. They were all in right place when we raised the wall.   

Top hand Scotty choosing a board. This is Scotty's 63rd build

Scotty doing some layout
Ace carpenters Tommy and Robert installing the top plates. The trusses will rest on the plates.

The nubie installing bracing for the trusses.

All but 4 trusses installed by days end, Wednesday. We spent Thursday installing all the bracing and metal brackets needed to secure the roof to the walls  Friday we did not work due to rain.


It is great working with this group of very talented people. They really know their stuff. Most of them participate in 4 or 5 builds a year.