Parque Natural Mexiquillo


The Train to El Fuerte

Ten member of the group hopped the train to El Fuerte. The train passes along the Copper Canyon and through some very scenic country. I have experienced this wonderful train ride before, so I remained behind with Ruth and wonder dog Scarlet.


Boarding  For the trip to El Fuerte you want to sit on the left side for the best views

Mona and Sue got it right

Denise and I think Kevin behind the blinds.
Visit Kevin's post detailing their wonderful train ride. 

After the train departed, Ruth and I walked across the tracks for some street food.

Made fresh Gorditas

We choose the meat and veg filling

Two delicious Gorditas for 20 pesos.
photo by Ruth


Onward to Creel

It was a very slow drive to Creel over a twisty, potholed road through gorgeous pine forested mountains.

Breath taking views

We took a stroll downtown and found a photo shot in progress.  

A small restrauant that reminds me of the Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, AZ 

Town square

We stopped at El Maviri for lunch. 

Tacos Barbacoa. Barbacoa translates to barbecue, but in MX is not barbecue as we know it. Here is refers to meat that is slow-cooked or steamed until tender. This meat is known for its high fat content and strong flavor.
They were ho hum.

We are at an old, past its prime KOA campground. There are eighty some sites here heavily  used back when RVs were transported on rail cars past Copper Canyon to Creel. That came to an end 15 years ago. We may be the first RVs to stop here in years.

We had no problem finding pedestals that still provided 30 amp power and a guy came out with a weed whacker and trimmed the grass around each rig.

The most popular event of the day, happy hour. 
What a wonderful group to be traveling with.



Rancho San Lorenzo is a great place to camp and has several beautiful hiking trials through the surrounding countryside. We wandered up a lush green canyon. This hike was far less arduous than the hike to the base of the waterfall, but a good workout for wimpy me.

Just a beautiful canyon to hike through.

Kevin and Ruth 

Ruth checking out our route

The French western movie Renegade was filmed in part here. The movie company built the main meeting hall/cafeteria below as part of the movie set.

On our hike we discovered this foam "rock" and several others that were also created for the movie.

It was a great hike.


Basaseachi Falls

Basaseachi Falls cascades 807 feet into the stunning Candamena Canyon located in the high Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains.

Headed into the Sierra Madre

Camped at Rancho San Lorenzo. We are about a 1/4 mile walk from the canyon overlook.
 28.164248, -108.198646

Bob strolling out to the over look.

You come around a corner and there it is. Magnificent!

Rugged, rugged, rugged!

This is the second highest waterfall in Mexico.

Very energetic members of our caravan beginning their 5 hours hike to the base of the falls and back up. Read about the hike.



First and most important stop was the Telcel store in order to set up our phones for Mexico. I had my Mexican phone from last year that I use as a hot spot. I loaded it with 12 gigs of data for 500 pesos. 

Everyone checking out their phones

We walked around town. Chihuahua is a very modern cosmopolitan city.

The local church

Beautiful wood work in the church

Clever idea. 

I watched this kid for a while. He was really good. He had total control. 

I love the street art in Mexico


Into Mexico

I met up with the rest of the caravan in Alpine, TX. I was concerned that Serenity was leaking brake fluid, but it turned out to be nothing. For a different view of this trip, check out Travel with Kevin and Ruth and Martha's blog, Winnie Wanglers Away.

Planned route

Rolling down hwy 67 to Presideo to cross the border.

A gentle reminder on the US side.

That's it, the Rio Grande

The easiest border crossing ever.

An official came out and collected all of our passports.

Waiting our turn. Kevin came by and collected 500 pesos each from us for the permits. About 15-20 minutes later they started calling us up one by one. The visitors permits were all filled in, all we had to do was sign them. DONE 

One the way to Chihuahua there is a very small national park with Canon del Peguis cutting through it.  29.506681, -104.765564

We are in a large parking adjacent to a beautiful city park. 
28.655625  -106.083820

This is a complete little city. I am guessing it is to teach children the rules of the road.

The park has great facilities that are well used.

There are many people getting their daily exercise.

Its great to be in Mexico again. We are now on the fun side of the wall
Viva Mexcio