Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Game Time

The WINs like to play silly fun games that make everyone laugh.

The parade of Champions  

Panty hose polo. 
You can only use your body to aim and swing the weight in the toe of your pantyhose to knock your ball to the finish line. 

Sand lot golf. 
Its tough. Need I say more

Old school musical chairs. 

Go girls. One seat open
Who has more butt in the chair?

The winner, Randy.

The wonderful time was had by all.


Beautification Complete

Boy, does Serenity shine. Humongous rock chips and stress fracture healed.


The Brown

The white

The reveal

Just Fabulous, Just Fabulous


Life is Good

I am keeping busy with the WINs here Puerto Penasco, MX.

Good friends, good food

Karaoke Night. We have some really good voices.

Those that don't sing can dance, those that don't dance enjoy watching, like me

Work continues on Serenity's face lift

Move night, we watched The Post.

Life is good GREAT


Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

Pinacate Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage site that abuts Arizona. The area   has many volcanoes that paved the desert with massive lava flows in the past. Volcanic activity from 47,000 to 12,000 years ago was concurrent with human habitation of the area. It must have been difficult living in an area where lava might flow through your village. 

The visitor center has great displays about the flora, fauna, geology, and indigenous people that settled here 40,000 years ago, all in swainish. But they do have an excellent english film showing in the auditorium. The informational sign on the walks around the center are in english and spanish.

Paying the $4 entrance fee

Pinacate beetle tracks

Life is tenacious 

Aa lava, it cooled very quickly and is very sharp.

Pahoehoe lava cools slower and is smooth and rope like.

The creosote bushes are blooming.

Serenity started getting her face lift today.


Puerto Peñasco

I am down in Puerto Penascco, Mexico with the WINs. This is my go to spot for body work. I was quoted 6 to 8 thousand in the state to powder Serenity's nose. I will be $500 down here and look just great.

There is a wide, gently sloping beach in front of the RV park here. Great for nice long walks. 

Interesting white crab. It may live in a burrow.

There are many small marine snails here.

Serenity is getting the spa treatment. A whole body wash and wax. Body work come next.

Doesn't she look great

Out for the $5 breakfast. The WINs love a deal.

Great idea


Mexico Bound

I am heading to Puerto Penasco with the WINs. I will be great to see old friends and Serenity is getting a little body work, AGAIN.

We are staging  at Organ Pipe. This is a beautiful lush green desert landscape. Our caravan of 35 or 40 rigs will be leaving Monday,  9 am sharp.

Today we crossed over the border to buy insurance. Yes, you can buy insurance on the US side, but short walk across the border saves one money. The WINs are very frugal.