Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Quarantine Week Ten

Life is good. My family and friends are all healthy. Things are still a little crazy in the states, so I have decided to stay a little longer. Days pass easily helping my sister with projects around her house and playing Qwirkle. Week by week her game is improving. Our games have evolved from me annihilating her to just winning more games. On the entertainment side, there are still a few Netflix shows worth watching. I keep hoping Netflix will air another season of Expanse or Lost in Space.

Cars with placards were lined up for a couple of kilometers along the hi way. I assume there is going to be a protest drive through Vallarta expressing their dislike of Mexico's president.

Shade trumps safe social distancing. 
But no one lost their place in line
Seen on Facebook. 

Vallarta has many beautiful murals

Mosaics gone wild at the local park

I especially like this one. It is on the side of a house near my sister's home. 

Stay Safe


Quarantine Week Nine

Every nook, crevice and cranny have been deep cleaned, repairs have  been made, Serenity is ready to hit the road again. We leave for Nogales next Monday.

The US Navy docked for a day. I don't think anyone got shore leave.

I bought some distilled water for my house batteries. 
I left the jug outside after filling them. 
The remaining water turned yellow.

Visiting with WIN friends. 

Fun at grandma's house

No corner pieces to find.


Quarantine Week Eight

Visiting with family and annihilating my sister at Qwirkle has made the past two months slip by rather quickly.

Gorgeous Primavera trees are scattered through out town.

Mother's Day breakfast, thank you Victor

Followed the next day with Maritza's Birthday

Vallarta is opening up. We ventured out for our favorite tacos at Pancho'a Takos. Tables were 6 feet apart. It was risky, but damm those tacos where delicious.

Grilled onions were delicious.

And the tacos pasture were heavenly, the best in town.

Wendy paused momentarily so I could snap her picture.

The town is opening up, but coronavirus cases are climbing. 130 confirmed cases and 13 dead.


Quarantine Week Seven

The last of Serenity's repairs was completed this week. She is ready for the road.

Back in February I had a flat. I found this 2 inch bolt embedded in the tire. Kevin used his repair kit to plug a very large hole. But there was slow leak and I had to pump the tire up before each days travel.

A mobile tire service came out....

and patched it from the inside. 

Thirty minutes later all is well.

Vallarta now has 82 covid 19 cases, 35 recovered and 6 deaths.


Quarantine Week Six

Serenity gets a face lift

Servicio Automotriz Equis did a great job repairing Serenity's damage right at the campground. The bill was 12,000 pesos, $487 US

Numerous cracks, dings and chips to repair

Damage from the tow truck

More tow truck damage

Doesn't she look great

There were more dings in the rear.

Looking good. 
A real plus to being quarantined. I thought I  would have to wait until next January to have this work done when I would be in Puerto Paenasco with the WIN's.

A day out of the house

My sister and I went fishing on Victor's boat. 
The lock down limits all boats to three people


Gay working on a tan

I caught eight of these guys. 
The fish were small but a day on the water was fantastic.

We saw several whales feeding on sardines.

Life is good

Victor turned those small fish into delicious ceviche 

Victor goes night diving once or twice a week for lobster.

Vallarta currently has 49 covid cases, 1 recovered and 5 deaths
I saw one restaurant that has reopened. It will be interesting to see what happens.