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Fort Davis National Historic Site

 A key post in the defense system of west Texas, Fort Davis played a major role in the history of the Southwest. From 1854 until 1891, troops stationed at the post protected emigrants, freighters, mail coaches, and travelers on the San Antonio - Elpaso Road. The fort was first garrisoned by Lt. Seawell and six companies of the Eighth Infantry from 1854 to 1861. The 1866 Congressional act stipulated that two cavalry and four infantry units "shall be composed of colored men", AKA Buffalo Soldiers. They served at Fort Davis from 1867 to 1885. 

Fort Davis was one of four forts that protected the San Antonio - Elpaso Road

Fort layout. Click to enlarge and read the captions

1889 photo of officers and their family

Buffalo Soliders

Buffalo Soliders drilling

The fort was in sad shape before restoration began.

There is a small museum with interesting artifacts from the soldiers and indigenous people

The restored barrack 

The not so restored kitchen and mess hall behind the barrack
The base bakery, a separate building, baked 500 loves of bread daily

Just waiting for a little TLC

Jody, Paul and 


The restocked commissary 

Single officers shared quarters


Ward #1 12 beds

The pharmacy 

Doctor's office

Tools of the trade

Chop and cut, looks very painful

Officers Row. Rank does have its' privilege

Two of the homes have been restored. 

A little more comfortable than the barrack

Another great day exploring our wonderful country.


Museum of Miniatures

 We went to the museum to see the amazing creations of Salivate Fidai. His medium is number two pencils. He spends several hours to several days sculpting the lead in number two pencils with only an X-acto knife.

This is how the pieces are displayed. 

All the pieces are for sale

They are tiny jewels  


Sabino Canyon

 Lush Sabino Canyon is located just north of Tucson. This year round steam bings life to this oasis in the desert. We rode the tram four miles up the canyon and then had a lovely stroll back down. 

Ancient metamorphic gneiss

Saguaro cactus standing tall

Layer by layer, the pages of time

Another wonderful day with good friends.