Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Carson City NV

I am visiting with my friend Cliff.

Cliff and I out tackling his 1 mile circuit. 
There are really nice trails winding through his neighborhood

Serenity needs a little TLC

New washers for a drippy faucet.

And this is why no air is coming out my defroster vents.

All better.

The water heater's anode rod still has some life left in it.

Occasionally  Serenity spits out one of the  pop rivets that keeps her lower panels in place.

All better

Out for a nice three mile walk.


A Little Farther North

 A short drive north on 395 past Mammoth, June Lake and Mono Lake.

You can just see a corner of Mono Lake.
There is a good cell signal here, so I have been streaming NCIS and Alias.

More maximum social distancing at a very cool 8,400 ft.
I got down to 40 F last night
38.084573, -119.198336


Drifting North

A triple digit heat wave is a great motivator to pick up the pace. I decided to head for the Sierra Nevada mountains. I made the trip in speedy two days

I overnighted east of Lake Mead

Day two passing through Las Vegas

It is a bit windy

Ahh, the Sierras are in sight

Now this more like it. What a gorgeous view to wake up to. 
I even turned on the furnace this morning.
37.335737  -118.528125


Out of Mexico

What a difference a year makes.
Last year when I traveled highway 15D to the US border there were miles and miles of rutted, pot hole infected detours that Serenity crawled along. This year all that work has been completed. This time I set the cruise control to 95 km/h, turned on my audio book and relaxed.

Check point, no problem. I hit several on the trip up.

The new by pass. Wonderful.
 Last year I took a couple of wrong turns in Hermosillo.

This vineyard extended for miles

Near the border there is one small section of the old highway.

 This was my first crossing at Nogales and it can be tricky.  I had figured that traffic would be light, and it was. I researched the route on google maps and everything went flawlessly. This is the RV lane and to get to it you have to cross through the two lanes of cars on the left. You have about 10 yards in which to do this. The light traffic made it very easy. I was the only RV crossing, It took about 10 minutes.

Back in the USA

What a great view to wake up to.

Social distancing at its best   32.844024  -112.320612

It is great to be back on the road again!


Quarantine Week Eleven

My sister is making her home just so, today with new landscaping.

This guy is slicing through the grass roots

This guy is chopping the grass strip into 6 foot sections to be rolled up

One of the problems with the old lawn; it was planted over an old wall and lacked any soil for good growth.

Old wall being taken down several inches and soil added. The new lawn should have no problem now. There were a couple of other area where the old lawn did not grow well. Adding a good rich soil base solved that problem too.

Ready to plant

New palm tree and shurbs

More new shrubs

Now doesn't that look better.

My niece instructing her pre-first grade students. 

Another assignment where students research a dinosaur of their choice

Becca on line with her 2nd grade teacher.