Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Heads Up Display

I have been using Street Atlas for over ten years. What I like about it is the ability to add information like camping spots, places to eat and attractions. On the large 13 inch screen I can easlily see this information ahead of me.
After Thanksgiving Linda and I will be driving her rig west for the winter. Her rig's dash slopes down steeply without a spot to rest my computer. I feel like I am driving blind without SA. My project this week was to contract a platform to hold my Mac Book.

Hook velcro on the bottom keeps the platform in place
Now I can see what is coming up down the road.



Hancock is the quintessential New England village.  Small, pristine, and everyone knows you and your business. Being greeted by name at the local grocery has a nice feel to it. Lunch at the Fiddlehead entails good food and revealing conversations with the locals.

Norway Pond

Church on the town square


New England Fall

I am back with Linda in Hancock, NH enjoying the spectacular fall colors.

We met Linda's daughter Brea and grandson Reid in Concord to celebrate Linda's birthday. We visited Louisa May Alcott's 1690 home where she wrote Little Women.  

No interior photography was allowed, but I did find a photo online of May's desk where she composed Little Women. Her father built it between two windows so she would have abundant light. 


Family Time

With Serenity's new engine purring along with a nice power boost from the Banks exhaust system;  I headed for San Jose to visit with my son's family.

Out for ice cream.