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Dish Aiming

I use a portable tripod for my Directv dish. I like the tripod because sometimes the signal is blocked at the rig by trees and I can move the dish to a clear spot. I move every few days and need an expedient way to aim the dish.

Preferred  set up option - set up the dish next to the rig where I can see the TV screen through an open window. Quick and easy

For those times when I have to set up away from the rig, I use FaceTime. I connect my computer to the net using my phones hot spot. I set up the computer where it can see the TV screen.

I then set up a Face Time connection between my computer and phone.

I can now see the signal strength bars and adjust the dish for maximum signal strength.


A Discrete Litter Box

 I wanted the cat's litter box to be out of sight. I like the ones that are in the bay, but I had no easy way to create a passage into a bay. 

I decided to use the storage space under my closet next to the water heater. 

I took off the front access panel
I added a panel 
Just the right width for the litter box and I still have some storage
Litter box in place
I created a new front panel with a door
so I can access the litter box for cleaning
A cat size entrance. 
I had no problem getting Tango to use the litter box. It is a great solution for an unsightly thing.

Forgot to Turn the H2O Heater Off Again?

I don't leave my water heater on 24/7. I heat the water in the morning, then turn it off. The water remains hot to warm through out the day. 

When you turn the heater on a large red light comes on and stays on until the burner lights. Then it goes out. I found that frequently I would forget to turn the heater off after it had heated the water. There was no light to indicate it was on. I know, I could look at the position of the on off switch, but being absent minded I would forget.

The burner is trying to light

I got a 12 LED light at Radio Shack. I drilled a small hole to mount it next to the switch. By trial and error I found the two connections I needed so it would glow when the heater was on. 

Much better. The little red light is a great reminder that the heater is on. No more leaving the water heater on all night.

The water heater is on.

Hardwired Black Tank Washer

I wanted an easy way to flush the black tank. I used a Tornado tank washer, one of those springy hoses,  4 inch PVC pipe, Plumbing Goop and a few odds and ends.

Will stick to the black tank.

What you need

Drill a hole for the hose's male end to fit through

Add a female to female coupler.
It prevents the hose from slipping back through the hole.

Make or buy a short hose to connect the tank washer.

Position the PVC so the cargo door prevents the hose
from coming out the open end of the PVC pipe.

Install the washer in the best position to spray the sensors.
How to

Easy Peasy, pull out the hose, hook to a faucet and add water.

Mood Lighting

I wanted some indirect lighting for watching TV. There is a recessed space on top of the valances where I put 12 volt LED strip lights. I bought them at Ikea. They came with a 110 converter that I cut off.

Lights and switch in place.
I had to run the wiring around the bed's gear track.
I got power from the map light. 
The lighting is softer than it appears in the photo.
The LEDs cast a present warm light for watching TV.

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