Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Out & About in Tillamook

 Stop one, The Blue Heron 

A multitude of cheeses and other gastronomical delights

Wine for your dog or dog lovers?

Anyone can stay one night, 
but Harvest Host members can stay two nights.

A lot of old rusty stuff

Animals for kids young and old

On a sunny day a great patio to relax on.

Stop two - Latimer Quilt & Textile Center

Quilter or not, you will be amazed by their quilt collection

My favorite
Cinco de Mayo by Buda Bee Quilters Texas 2008

Work in progress

Quilts from the mid 1800's

A bit of whimsy 

We scored a tour of some of the their older quilts
 that are stored in a climate controlled building

The quilts are stored in acid free boxes
Their oldest quilt is from 1790

The quilt's size and a photo on the box

Showing us quilts from the eighteen hundreds

Beautiful reversible quilt

This quilt has over 25,000 pieces

This is a must stop in Tillamook


Great Fish and Chips

 The Bow Picker has been Astoria's go to fish and chips place for 23 years. They serve light crispy, not greasy, albacore tuna. 

The Bow Picker is open from Wed to Sat, 11-6. There is always a line

If you order no chips, you will get an extra piece of fish.


Long Beach Kite Festival

 Long Beach, WA hosts the largest and longest running kite festival in North America. It is a week long event held in the third full week in August. 

Something is happening over there

Kites, kites everywhere

A myriad of shapes and colors

Low flying kites

Wind power at it's finest

Low flyer


The B&B Family Lavender Farm

 Three generations of McCloskey's make their home in Sequim, WA. Their adventure began in 2013 when they bought a dairy farm and entered the lavender growing business. The name come from the older McCloskey's first names, Bruce and Bonnie. There are 17 varieties of lavender grown here.

Lavender being dried

These are French Lavender buds. This variety has the most fragrant oils.

The purple buds are the English variety.

The English variety is edible.

The two stills used to distill the oil from the buds. Copper is used because it bonds with the sulfur that is produced. The sulfur will give the oils a nasty aroma. The oil is used in a variety of products you can by at the farm

Downtown we ran into a nice lady with this beautiful Cockatiel. 
He tells you when he has to poop. He did and the lady held him over a flower bed. 
No messy shirts.

Back at camp we played yard yahtzee with dice on steroids.

Maynard get an A+ for form.