Parque Natural Mexiquillo


The Grand Staircase

 The Grand Canyon is the base of the Grand Staircase and as one grains altitude you are passing through younger and younger rock until you reach 8,000 feet and the youngest strata at Bryce Canyon.

The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is located a few miles north of Kanab UT. Friends has grown into a mega sanctuary since 1984 stretching across 4,200 acres and caring for hundreds of cats, dogs, rabbits, genie pigs, horses, pigs and others.

Daily, Friends offers a wonderful vegan lunch for $5. 

And seating with a spectacular view.

May favorite sculpture

    The pet cemetery. 

Volunteers entertaining cats

I have reached the top of the Grand Staircase, Bryce Canyon. This gorgeous hunk of erosion was discovered by Ebenezer Bryce when he went up into the mountains to harvest timber. He began sharing his discovery with others and it became known as Bryce's Canyon.

A antique car club was visiting

Hoodoos are not unique to Bryce, but it is the largest concentration of hoodoos in the world

Down down they go

Neat old car

Moon rise over Bryce


Hanging Garden

 The Hanging Garden trail is an easy 3/4 mile stroll to a delightful desert oasis. 

When water seeping down through the porous sandstone hits a 
less porous layer, the water moves out of the rock. 
This north facing overhang creates a cool environment.

A continuous source of water allows Maidenhair ferns and wild orchids to flourish here. 


Canyons & Canyons

Short stop at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. 

A magnificent hole in the ground

Bright Angel trail to Phantom Ranch
No I did not hike it.

Good pot luck, great friends

Lower Antelope Canyon, Page AZ.  Upper and Lower Antelope are on the Navajo Reservation and you can only access the canyon accompanied by a Navajo guide.

You begin the tour here climbing down into the canyon

John, our Navajo guide

After reaching the bottom, you then walk and climb ladders 3/4 mile upstream

The reverse of the photo above 

Do you see the woman facing left and hair blowing in the wind

The end of the tour, beginning of Lower Antelope Canyon