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Stroll with a View

We headed out at 8 before it got too hot for the Walkway over the Hudson. It began life in 1888 as the longest bridge in the world, 1.28 miles. Known as the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge it carried 3,500 freight cars a day. Fire crippled the bridge in 1974 and in 2009 it was repurposed as the highest pedestrian bridge in the wold, 212 feet above the Hudson.

Adelle, Paul, Arlene and Joyce heading out.

Nice informational plaques.

Though no longer the Gilded Age, there a still beautiful homes along the river.

The new 24' wide concert walkway rests on the 125 year old train trestle.

More of the old superstructure

The weather has been very hot, 90s and humid.

Downstream the Mid-Hudson Bridge was renamed the Franklin D. Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge in 1994

We returned to the diner for short ribs. They were great. 



Home to three generations of Roosevelt's and FDR's birthplace.

The living room/library

The dining room. The table could be extended to seat 20. Many heads of state and royalty graced this table.The chair on the left was FDR's and was always turned away from the table so he could easily move into it from his wheelchair.

music room

FDR's bedroom until his marriage in 1905

FDR was born in this bed, January 30th 1882

The other wall of the "birth room"

FDR's bedroom. He and Eleanor shared this room until he as stricken with polio. The phone on the wall by the head board was a direct line to the White House.

Eleanor occupied this bedroom after FDR's illness. It was converted from her dressing room. Eleanor never felt at home here, because she regarded it as the domain of her mother-in-law Sara Roosevelt. The small size of the room and its sparse furnishings convey this feeling. Eleanor and Franklin built Val-Kill in 1928 in the eastern section of the estate as Eleanor's retreat. 

The stables built by Franklin's father James

I think this device dispensed a measured quantity of grain for the horses. When you pull on the handle the bottom blade come out and the top blade goes in, releasing the grain trapped between the to blades. Push the handle back in and the grain fills the tube to the lower blade. You can see in the upper photo that it runs up to the hay loft.

Eleanor and Franklin are laid to rest in the rose garden.

Guy makes another great call.

Triple D visited the Eveready Diner in Hyde Park, NY (map) and had the short ribs. 

No short ribs today,  :-(   they are a Friday, Saturday & Sunday thing. I had the New England special, turkey, cranberry, and vegetable dressing on a very fresh roll. It was excellent and we are coming back Friday for the short ribs. :-)


Driving getting easier

We are getting out into the country side now where I hope we do not have any more restricted roads because of limited underpass clearance. You only know know there is limited clearance ahead when you start to get on a road and a sign says cars only. So far I have not gotten stuck in this situation with the rig. :) It was a very stress free, beautiful drive up to Poughkeepsie today.  We are at the Elk Lodge in Poughkeepsie, NY. (41.69422, -73.88725)  Franklin Delano Roosevelt joined this lodge in 1920. We are here to visit the FDR Library and Museum.

I just discovered I have two followers. WOW  Welcome Julie & Tom and Joe & Betty.


Tango a Jersey Girl

Tango got out last night and went under the rig. All the sweet talk in the world did not entice her to come out. So I resorted to telling her what a bad decision this was and how much she would hate NJ.
She remained firmly convinced that she was in the right spot. Oh Well. I went in and watched TV, opening he door every half hour and calling her. Three hours later good sense, or maybe the cold and rain, prevailed and she came in. :)

Moving up to Westwood, NJ tomorrow. There is a lot of negative information out there about driving RVs on the parkways. We have been researching all week.
1. Yes we can drive the rigs on the Garden State Parkway. Confusion was that you can not drive RVs on the NY parkways
2. Concern that the underpasses were not high enough. Clearance on the Garden State is 13.5 feet. Good to go. NY parkways have 10 foot clearances, not so good. But we are not going into NY

I had heard about the terrible traffic in the northeast corridor and now that I have found it to be true, I will never say a bad word about LA traffic again. I will be soooo happy when we cross into Vermont.


This and That

Allen wood General Store  (40.14219, -74.10124)

Bob wanted to introduce us to New Jersey's national meat, Pork Roll. Enjoyed the length and breadth of New Jersey. Think a big roll of mystery meat. It is very good. 

I introduced Adelle and Paul to food trucks

Two of the best Tacos I have ever eaten. As good as Pepe's in Vallarta, MX

New Jersey Oddities

If you sell New Jersey property and move out of state, NJ assesses a 7% tax on the sale. If you stay in state there is no tax. 

Jug handles - There are no left hand turn lanes on the major streets. You use the jug handle by driving through the signal in the right hand lane, just past the signal you turn right onto the jug hand. It is a short road that curves around to the street you want to turn left onto and you continue down that street. I know, clear as mud. Maybe this photo will help.


The Jersey Shore

We are in Toms River, NJ camped at American Legion Post 129. (40.01617, -74.16763)

We met up with a local WIN, Bagpipe Bob, who has graciously offer to show us around.

Paul, Ellie, Bagpipe Bob, Garth

Bob is called the Pied Piper of Jersey Shore. He plays at many wedding, funerals, and wakes. 

The Queen of Religious Resorts

Ocean Grove was founded in 1869 by Reverend Ellwood Stokes as a Methodist Camp Meeting

Wall tent reminiscent of Curry Village in Yosemite. Many appeared to have been furnished by the occupants. 

Ocean Grove fire department

Beautiful downtown Ocean Grove

Bob picked a great lunch spot. Kelly's Tavern (40.1925, -74.02449)  And old old Jersey Shore institution.

The open face Ruben was delicious. There is a mound of excellent corn beef under that cheese.

 Heading south Bob told use this area was called the Irish Rivera.

Saint Catharine was built in 1902. Bob has played at many wedding here. He stands to the right of the lower stairs and plays as the bride arrives and enters the church.

Across from the jetty, one of Sandy's victims that awaits reapir

Further south looking north, homes ready for "The Season" 

Turning around and looking south. Homes trying to get ready

Some will be ready, other maybe not. 
All in all , most of the homes and businesses are repaired and ready to go. 

The Season begins Memorial Day, 5 days from now.

Go karts and water slides look good to go.

The boardwalk looking iffy

We are told thousands will arrive in 5 days