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The Smithsonian

Here is smattering of the wonderful things that you can experience at the Smithsonian

A few of the dozens of meteorites on display

Overheard a middle school student on a field trip say "hey, this is not a race, let read some of this stuff"

A terrific exhibit on plate tectonics with many hands on displays.

Sandstone showing leisegang weathering created by water carrying dissolved iron along two perpendicular sets of cracks percolated into the rock, forming iron oxide minerals that cemented the grains which then resisted weathering.


Hubnerite with quartz





Some bling for the ladies

The Evolution of Man Exhibit

The Air and Space Museum

DC-3 in the center. I have flown on one.

Air travel back in the day when you dressed up to take a plane

DC-7 cockpit mid 50s

Airbus A320 cockpit, present day

In 1977 the Gossamer Condor was the first human powered aircraft, winning the Kremer Prize. (video)

The Spirit of St. Louis that Lindbergh few across the Atlantic. The space between the door to the cockpit and the engine is a gas tank. There was no windshield for Lindbergh to look forward out of the plane

This photo shows it all. The Spirit of St. Louis, first plane to fly across the Atlantic. The Bell X-1 , first plane to break the sound barrier and SpaceShipOne, first private manned space flight. 

First powered flight, 1903, sixty six years later man walks on the moon.

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