Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Getting Things Done

The sail and limit switches arrived.  The furnace has been consistently lighting so I will add them to my spare parts bin.

One of the AC vents was rusting. I cleaned it with my Dremel tool and gave it a nice coat of paint. 

Fixing Serenity's boo boo.

A casual glance, not too bad 

Up close, not so good.

BUT! the price was right. 

Serenity's front jack was not holding. Yet another %&)_^#! thing that needs repair. This one turned out to be refreshing simple, The manual retraction valve was open a smidgen. It must have been bumped something I carry in that compartment.

And a new AC, just in time for summer.


Maintenance and Repairs

My sister is retiring June 9th. I am here to help her pack up the house and also give Serenity some loving tender care.

The compressor went out on my old AC. The new one is awaiting installation

I guess the furnace felt left out. Intermittently it would not light. I cleaned and blew out the furnace compartment. Then I cleaned the contacts to the board.  

That did not do the trick. For the next least costly attempt I ordered a new limit switch and a sail switch. I hope they will solve the problem because the next try is a new, expensive,  board. 

Problems are breeding like rabbits. The front jack would not stay extended, *&%&(*!!!.   It was simple fix, the manual retract valve was cracked open. Tightened it up, all is well. I was due an easy one.  

Serenity  incurred a boo boo at the dump station. Repairs are underway. This is my first attempt at body work.

Fiber glass repair/reinforcement on the back side.

Ready for bondo

Caught a little missile, rock, courtesy of an 18 wheeler on I 10. 

Manuel pulls an vacuum

Chip be gone

Doing roof maintenance. Got to keep her water tight. 

To be continued.


Roosevelt Lake

Camped at the shore enjoying the view and cool weather. Cool weather is very important right now as my roof AC is out. RV shop wanted $1,100 to install a new unit. I found a new scratch and dent unit for $565 delivered. I am hoping to that it will be a plug and play install.

33.671217   -111.131587

A little rain and lighting rolled through

I stopped at Rooevelt to try my hand at bass fishing. It was not the outcome I envisioned . No strikes, no bass, too bad, so sad.


Willcox West Fest

West Fest in an old style ranch rodeo where teams from each ranch compete in every day work based events. They are Trailer Loading, Sorting, Calf Branding and the ever popular Wild Cow Milking.

Trailer Loading

In this event the cowboys sort out and assigned numbed cow from the herd, rope it and place it in the front of the trailer. Then load one horse back into the trailer. Last all four team member run to designated spot to stop the clock.
Getting your horse out of the trailer

Sorting out the calf with your assigned number

In she goes



The team must find and move three cows with their assigned number from the herd and drive them to the other end of the arena. If any of the cut cows get back to the herd there no time. The teams had two approaches to this competition. One was to cut out the cows one at a time and run them to the other end and hold them there, two was cut out all three cows and then run them to the other end of the arena.

This team cut all three cows and then moved them.

Calf Branding

This event requires the team to rope their designated cow, drag it out of the corral and apply a cold branding iron.

Wild Cow Milking

Teams rope a wild cow and hand-milk it into an empty coke bottle. One team member then runs the bottle across the finish line, and pours out a small amount of milk for the judges to prove they accomplished the task. 
The cow is roped by the horns and hind legs to give the cowboy access to the udder. I was unable to get a clear shot of this. 

Coke bottle being delivered to the judge.

Tonights camp  32.679813,-109.77906