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Maintenance and Repairs

My sister is retiring June 9th. I am here to help her pack up the house and also give Serenity some loving tender care.

The compressor went out on my old AC. The new one is awaiting installation

I guess the furnace felt left out. Intermittently it would not light. I cleaned and blew out the furnace compartment. Then I cleaned the contacts to the board.  

That did not do the trick. For the next least costly attempt I ordered a new limit switch and a sail switch. I hope they will solve the problem because the next try is a new, expensive,  board. 

Problems are breeding like rabbits. The front jack would not stay extended, *&%&(*!!!.   It was simple fix, the manual retract valve was cracked open. Tightened it up, all is well. I was due an easy one.  

Serenity  incurred a boo boo at the dump station. Repairs are underway. This is my first attempt at body work.

Fiber glass repair/reinforcement on the back side.

Ready for bondo

Caught a little missile, rock, courtesy of an 18 wheeler on I 10. 

Manuel pulls an vacuum

Chip be gone

Doing roof maintenance. Got to keep her water tight. 

To be continued.

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