Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Merry Christmas

Wishing family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Truly Jaw Dropping

We were enthralled by Kurios - Cirque du Soleil last night. What an amazing evening.

My nice Martiza and sister Wendy
Pictures were not allowed during the performance
Here are a few web photos that will impart a sense of this magical performance.

He is simply Awesome 
But to do this amazing production some justice, watch this video

At the exit


Natures Splendid Bling

I am in West Covina celebrating Christmas with my sister, niece and her children. My friend Cliff is visiting from Carson City. We decided a trip to the Los Angeles Nature History Museum was called for.
There are many wonderful exhibits here, but I particularly enjoyed the spectacular mineral specimens.

Elbaite Tourmaline on Quartz
from San Diego County, CA

Another exquisite Elbaite Tourmaline specimen 

Spessartine, red, and Muscovite, gray, on Microcline
from Pakistan

Selenite, a crystalline form of gypsum,
 from Mexico

4644 Carat Blue Topaz
from Brazil

22.64 Carat Tourmaline
from San Diego County, CA

The Greeks believed Amethyst
 protected you from drunkenness.
Amethyst is quartz containing iron impurities. 

White Calcite crystals on Galena
from Missouri.
Galena is an ore for both Lead and Silver. 

Native Gold from Placer County, CA


I've Been to the Slabs

Before Serenity blew her engine, I had visited the fabled Slabs. (33.258368, -115.460441) Stories of this abandoned military base are woven through out RV culture. Camp Dunlap was constructed in 1942 to train marines. Decommissioned in 1949,  all buildings and structures were removed, leaving the cement foundations. Now known as the The Slabs and having no restrictions, many people migrated to this "Last Free Place". NPR broadcast

Slabs are prime real estate here. 

There is an eclectic cross section of humanity living here.

People use scavenged materials to define their space.
Some squaters have repurposed what the military left behind.
No visit to the slabs is complete without experiencing Salvation Mountain. It was created by Leonard Knight (1931-2014) using adobe, straw and thousands of gallons of donated lead free paint. 


Stupid Me

I had a rule, check tire pressure and oil before you roll. I go lazy and it has cost me big time. Serenity ran out of oil and her engine is toast. She is in the capable hands of Ron at David and Sons Truck Repair in Brawley, CA. The only good thing is that it happened near my sister's home and not up Canada last summer or in some other remote location. My sister was wonderful and picked me. I will be spending Christmas as planned, but I will miss sleeping in my own bed.

My sister ordered her tree on line. It was cut in Washington and delivered to the house 3 days later. Now that is fresh.

How convenient is this.
Great looking tree


A Sad Sad Day

Serenity blew her engine today. She may be down for the count. I will get a quote tomorrow.


Desert Sculpture

Surrounding Borrego Springs, CA are 130 large metal sculptures. Some were inspired by animals that roamed this landscape thousands and millions of years ago. Others are historical characters, fanciful dinosaurs and an amazing 350 foot long dragon.
The story goes that Dennis Avery, yes that Avery, was RVing and asked in town where he could camp out on the desert. He was told, no desert camping allowed. His response was to begin buying land around Borrego Springs. Some of the land was earmarked for artist Ricardo Breceda to create these magnificent works of art.

Each feather is hand crafted and welded in place

Prehistoric horses

Guess my name


Happy Thanksgiving

I am spending Thanksgiving with the WINs in Borrego Springs. 33.295859, -116.298048 We served a succulent turkey and/or ham dinner. It is great to catch up with friends.

Borrego Springs on the horizon

Camped at Peg Leg Smith Monument

Diner for 90 good friends

A wonderful time was had by all.