Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Desert Sculpture

Surrounding Borrego Springs, CA are 130 large metal sculptures. Some were inspired by animals that roamed this landscape thousands and millions of years ago. Others are historical characters, fanciful dinosaurs and an amazing 350 foot long dragon.
The story goes that Dennis Avery, yes that Avery, was RVing and asked in town where he could camp out on the desert. He was told, no desert camping allowed. His response was to begin buying land around Borrego Springs. Some of the land was earmarked for artist Ricardo Breceda to create these magnificent works of art.

Each feather is hand crafted and welded in place

Prehistoric horses

Guess my name


  1. Thanks for the pictures and explanation. I'd heard of these sculptures, but didn't know the story. Hope to see them in person one of these days!
    -- Anne

    1. Hi Anne,
      The sculptures are amazing and well worth a trip to Borrego Springs. You can get a free map at the visitor center in town.
      Thanks for dropping by