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Smoke Jumpers

 Missoula MT is the training and deployment center for the brave men and women that stand between us and the ever increasing destruction of forest fires. They are first responders that jump not into forest fires, but short distance away. Their quick response allows them to put out a small fires that would have become  raging infernos hours or days later when ground crew could reach it.  More info

Our guide explains the smoke jumper's gear

All smokejumper candidates are required to pass the standard smokejumper physical training (PT) test on the first day of smokejumper training. Candidates must do 7 pull-ups, 45 sit-ups, 25 push-ups, and a 1.5 mile run in less than 11 minutes. The test is taken in one time frame with five-minute breaks between specific exercises. And that was the easy day.

All smoke jumpers are taught how to sew so they can repair their gear

Looking for damage to the parachute 

Packing his parachute

Talking with one of the jumpers

Each box contains 3 days of supplies for two jumpers. 
They are packed in cardboard to save weight. 
Additional boxes of tools will also be dropped

A team of smoke jumpers are packing up and heading for Santa Barbara, CA

Smoke jumpers are fighting fires across the U.S. and Canada