Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Oregon Coast Railriders

We peddled our quadricycle 6 miles along an unused section of the railroad that used to transport logs to the lumber mills. The Oregon Coast Railriders use custom built aluminum four seat cars. It is like pedaling a recumbent bike.

This bridge has stood the test of time, 118 years

We stopped traffic just like a real train

An ingenious system for turning the cars around for the return trip

Raise your hands if you had a good time.



We are settled in for Labor Day at the Elks Campground.

The berry vines are loaded with succulent, sweet black berries.

15 minutes of picking

We visited the Cape Mears Lighthouse. It was constructed in 1890 and remained in operation until 1963. Being perched on a high cliff allowed it to be the shortest lighthouse on the Oregon coast.

It's light could be seen 21 miles at sea

The fresnel lens is one of only two eight sided lights in the US. The other is in Hawaii. The alternating red and clear lenses projected the unique red and white pattern identifying Cape Mears to ships at sea.

Fun for all, its Karaoke Night at the WINs

Charlie serenading Arlene

Mary, Gwen and Linda belting out the ever popular Battle of New Orleans



We enjoyed Shanghaied in Astoria last night. It is a melodrama 35 years young about the days of yesteryear when Astoria was the shanghai capitol of the Northwest.

"Our original, historical, hysterical, musical melodrama is a family-friendly show, and gives you the chance to interact with the characters. Boo, hiss, cheer, jeer and throw popcorn."

The Astoria Column

The 125 foot Astoria Column was constructed in 1926 and named the Astor Column. One must ascend 164 steps to reach an amazing view of Astoria and the surrounding country. The spiral sgraffito frieze on the exterior of the structure is almost seven feet wide, and 525 feet long. Painted by Electus Litchfield and Attillio Pusteria, the mural shows 14 significant events in the early history of Oregon with a focus on Astoria's role including Captain Gray's discovery of the Columbia River in 1792 and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Ocean going vessels can navigate the first 100 miles of the Columbia.


Hoh Rain Forest

The Hoh is a lush green moss draped temperate rain forest, meaning that it get more than 55 inches of rain annually and be in temperature range of 39 to 54 degrees F. The Hoh receives 140 to 170 inches of rain annually.


Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery is the northwestern most point of the continental US. It was a foggy day. Nice hiking weather, but death on photos.

A easy broad trail in the beginning

Many boardwalks to keep you out of the muck and mire.

This is it

The island behind us is Tatoosh Island. You can just see the top of the Cape Flattery Lighthouse.

Nothing better than a game of Qwirkle after a hard day exploring.