Parque Natural Mexiquillo


A Little Break from the Hustle and Bustle of Vallarta

 We traveled by boat to the small remote village of Chimo. How remote is it? It has no cell service.

Heading out. My sister's roommate, Karen, from college has joined us.

The water is calm and the breeze is refreshing

A hour and a half later Chimo comes into view.
We are staying in the two cabanas on the hill just above the boat's bow

Some egrets looking for lunch

Mr Toad's wild ride

Looking back at the harbor 

The cabanas were wonderful

Just enjoying paradise  

This beautiful vine shaded the deck

A visit from a few of the locals. 
The cabanas are surrounded by a mango orchard

and of course we played a lot of Qwirkle
My sister with her granddaughter 

You can see the lights of Vallarta in the distance

Bonfire on the beach

Heading home. 

That is a sea lion extending it's flippers to catch some heat from the sun

From our perch on the hill we had seen many Humpback whales. 
When leaving Chimo we was lucky enough to have one come close to the boat.
The whales are protected, it is ok if they approach your boat, but you cannot drive your boat up to them




Weather report to all my family and friends. 75degrees and sunny and no rain forecast.


Shopping Till We Dropped

 My sister, Victor, and myself went on a shopping trip to Guadalajara. My sister was looking for some home decor items. Especially glass hearts and faux flowers created from corn stocks. 

First stop the bedding store

Nice chicken

Close, but no sale

Street art

Nice pedestrian only shopping area

Love the street art in Mexico

Not glass heart in sight, only these white ones

None here either

The search continues

We found the mother load

I love it, but a little large for Serenity.

The hot shop is right next door. 

Checking out. 

Back home with her treasures. 
She got hearts in spades, but no mock flowers. 

Hearts of all sizes and color

My sister wanted the heart to decorate the tree.

My photos do not due them justice. They just sparkle in the sunlight