Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Moving Day

Descending from my alpine  perch on the eastern edge of Steens Mountain. To the east the mountain descends 5000 feet to the desert below.  I will go west and drop down 2000 feet into the sage brush zone and the best little boondock site on Steens Mt. I want to secure my spot early. Not only is it a long weekend, but bow season for Bambi open Saturday. 

This wonderful boondocking spot. (42.74055, -118.63664)  Not a 1/4 mile away at Fish Lake people are paying to camp cheek to jowl and listen to someone else's music. 

Local neighbor hood watch


Steens Mountain

I have returned to this little piece of paradise, Steens Mountain. Last time I was here snow barred my access to the stunning canyons high on the mountain.

Looking up Big Indian Canyon. It was gouged out in the last ice age. Tonights camp is at the top of the canyon.

Nice side canyon

It's a long climb to the top, but well worth it.
Room with a view. Tonights camp at 9,500 ft. 
(42.64149, -118.57977) 

Watching the hungry raptors
Steens Mountain is a tilted mesa, a fault-block mountain, that has risen up in the past five to seven million years. This photo shows Wildhorse Lake and the eastern escarpments. 
Night all


Ah Desert Solitude

I am overnighting in this great spot off hi way 140. (41.40139, -118.02066) I am in the middle of nowhere, yet I have three bars. Got to love technology.


Heading North

My sister is all set to have her skull cracked open November 6th. She is back to teaching until then, so I can still make it to my Habitat build in Port Townsend, WA.

Serenity tucked in under Mt. Whitney
First night out I stopped at Alabama Hills (36.59733, -118.09929). This is one of my favorite camping spots along the east side of the Sierras.  I am currently visiting my friend Cliff, yes I do have one or two, in Carson City, NV. Tomorrow I will head for beautiful Steens Mountain in Oregon.


BAD NEWS good news

My sister has a brain tumor, meningioma. It is the size of a lemon and the only good news is it is probibly benign. Dr. Stiner has removed hundreds of tumors and feels there is a very low risk of complications.

Dr. Stiner discussing options with my sister (blond)
and her friend Katrina.
The tumor is the light area

Dr. Stiner sees no need to rush into surgery. The tumor is slow growing and has probably been there for years.  It was discovered this summer when she was suffering from headaches and had an MRI done. Turns out the headaches were due to a long day in the hot sun and high blood pressure, not the tumor. She is going to have it removed in January.


Many Beautiful and Wondrous Things

We enjoyed the New Hampshire Craftsmen's Fair today. I am an ardent art fair/street fair junkie. I love seeing all the beautiful creations.  Most artists do not want their work photographed. Here are few of the many gorgeous works that I could photograph.

Larry creates stunning ceramic bells with a really pleasing ring.

Leprechaun homes???

There are some very talented furniture crafters in NH

This stunning creation is called Wind.

This raku potter is pouring "power drink" over the cup to obtain a crackled surface. He said the coffee and water do not give the same pattern.

Next he used old crankcase oil to stain the surface.