Parque Natural Mexiquillo


The Echo Vortex

We all hike up a local hill to experience the Echo Vortex. There is a small community at the top. They  rent cabins and people come to experience the vortex. They plan to be living entirely off the grid, growing and raising all their food.

Ruth and Jim climbing the hill

There were numerous carved stones along the road. A developer is selling off lots along the road and these carved stones are adding interest. Only a few lots have been sold and developed.

Great view at the top

There are several homes along the hill top. 
Note the bicycle powered washing machine in the foreground.

This hill top commune is not part of the development down the hill

There are some very rustic cabins and treehouses for rent.

Interesting sweat lodge. Looks like an Olmec head.

We have reached the vortex. Seven white angles ring the spot.

19.953722, -102.999521

Denise, Ruth, and Sue navigating the maze while Bob soaks up the energy.
Everyone except me could hear their echo when they stood in the center. The tale we heard was a farm worker was singing while attending the orchard. At this spot he would hear an echo. The owner then built this concrete wall and maze. Supposedly a geologist told him that the echo was due to a magnetic field generated by an extinct volcano. 
I think is has more to do with the circular wall.


Valle de Juarez

I have returned to the fold. We are all in Juarez for the Christmas.  Juarez is a lovely farming community located in the hill south of Lake Chapala. I am impressed with how friendly the locals are. Many have worked in the US and speak excellent english. One also notices the absence of litter and trash. Juarez is a very clean town.

The day we arrived there was a Christmas celebration  in the central plaza.

The music was LOUD and this nino had some great moves.

There were delicious tacos, empanadas, and posole to dine on. All proceeds went to the church.

Walking the malecon skirting the lake at the edge of town

Local fishermen bringing in their catch.

One of three crates of fish. 

 It is Saturday, off to market we go.

The fruits and vegetables are great. Vine ripened, picked the day before and delicious.

Next stop Chama's for is his savory carnitas.

A tub full of deliciousness. We gringos like our carnitas "carne lite". That is Chama's term for just the meat. The locals like the to include some pork skin and other parts of the pig that adds extra flavor.

Jim and Ruth waiting for their meat. Chama slicing and dicing the carnitas. 

We are settled in at the Victoria RV Park just outside of town. There are full hook-ups with 30 amp electrical. What a great spot.  19.940284, -102.958759


Vallarta Wrap-up

Victor and I went with my sister to get her Mexican driver's license.

Can you find Wendy?

There she is, waiting in line.

Two hours later. 

My niece Maritza teaches first grade at the American School. Her children also attend. Becca is in 2nd and David in 6th.

Maritza's classroom. Her students are waiting to take part in their Christmas celebration.

Becca is in the front row, far right. She has a great singing voice.
All the students gave amazing performances.

I have not been to a movie theater in decades. Boy have they changed. I could get used to this. Electric reclining seats and an extensive food and drink menu. Admission $7.

We all went to see the latest Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker. The movie was in english with Spanish subtitles  

It was panned by the critics. I thought it was terrific. Way back in 1977 I was blown away by Star Wars IV. I wondered than if I would ever see all the episodes. I made it. This was a great conclusion to the series.


Hugo Did It

Hugo came Monday evening and took a look at Serenity's leaking actuator. He said he would be back at 10 am to remove it and take it to his shop.

My sister and I waited all day for Hugo. He finally arrived at 6:30 and removed the actuator. 
Not off to a great start, but "its Mexico".

Wednesday morning Hugo returned. He had replaced all the seals and was ready to reinstall it.

Big smiles all around. I think mine was the biggest. I had really doubted that I would be able to get my parking brake repaired in Mexico. Total cost $131. I doubly glad that it could be repaired in Mexico. In the states they would have wanted to install a new actuator, not repair mine. 
A new one costs $500 plus labor. 
What a great day.


Puerto Vallarta

My auto park brake on Serenity has been leaking. I had be topping of the fluid which was getting me through the days drive. But in Durango the leak became so bad that I could not generate enough pressure to disengage the parking brake. I disabled the parking brake for the drive over to Mazatlan. I decided that I would leave the group and head for Puerto Vallarta were my sister and her daughter's family live. Vallarta is a large town and hopefully I can repair Serenity there.
I got there Friday and my sister's son in law at lined-up a mechanic to look at the brake system on Monday.

Sunday we all went out on Victor's boat.

Rebecca and David's favorite spot

We saw these Bottle Nose dolphin and two other species. We also saw turtles, yellow and black banded sea snakes and whales in the distance, 

I am King of the World

My niece Maritza and her husband Victor, "Yiyo".

I caught a beautiful Durado


We pulled into playa las Animas several miles south of Vallarta.

For a small price you can have your picture taken with an Iguana 

The El Coral Restaurant cooked up one fillet, half butter and garlic and the rest breaded.

Everyone enjoyed the meal. What a great day on the water.
Thank you Yiyo.


Parque Natural Mexiquillo

We spent several days in the gorgeous Parque Natural Mexiquillo park. It covers 33,297 acres of outdoor bliss. Hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and ATV adventures.

Sunrise in paradise.  23.722937, -105.681024

Serenity found the perfect spot.

Ruth checking out the local lake. I wonder if there are any fish in it.

One of many waterfalls in the area.

Sue, Roy and Jim walking back from the water. Vendor stands under construction.

Interesting igneous rock formations.

I guess they enjoy paint ball competitions 

We are at 8,400 feet and it gets cold at night.

The Garden  of Stone

Happy hour, or two, or three

What a wonderful place to camp.