Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Valle de Juarez

I have returned to the fold. We are all in Juarez for the Christmas.  Juarez is a lovely farming community located in the hill south of Lake Chapala. I am impressed with how friendly the locals are. Many have worked in the US and speak excellent english. One also notices the absence of litter and trash. Juarez is a very clean town.

The day we arrived there was a Christmas celebration  in the central plaza.

The music was LOUD and this nino had some great moves.

There were delicious tacos, empanadas, and posole to dine on. All proceeds went to the church.

Walking the malecon skirting the lake at the edge of town

Local fishermen bringing in their catch.

One of three crates of fish. 

 It is Saturday, off to market we go.

The fruits and vegetables are great. Vine ripened, picked the day before and delicious.

Next stop Chama's for is his savory carnitas.

A tub full of deliciousness. We gringos like our carnitas "carne lite". That is Chama's term for just the meat. The locals like the to include some pork skin and other parts of the pig that adds extra flavor.

Jim and Ruth waiting for their meat. Chama slicing and dicing the carnitas. 

We are settled in at the Victoria RV Park just outside of town. There are full hook-ups with 30 amp electrical. What a great spot.  19.940284, -102.958759

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  1. I'd try the works for the carnitas at least once to see how it taste. Apprently delish if locals like it that way. Go outside the box once in while :-)