Parque Natural Mexiquillo


The Echo Vortex

We all hike up a local hill to experience the Echo Vortex. There is a small community at the top. They  rent cabins and people come to experience the vortex. They plan to be living entirely off the grid, growing and raising all their food.

Ruth and Jim climbing the hill

There were numerous carved stones along the road. A developer is selling off lots along the road and these carved stones are adding interest. Only a few lots have been sold and developed.

Great view at the top

There are several homes along the hill top. 
Note the bicycle powered washing machine in the foreground.

This hill top commune is not part of the development down the hill

There are some very rustic cabins and treehouses for rent.

Interesting sweat lodge. Looks like an Olmec head.

We have reached the vortex. Seven white angles ring the spot.

19.953722, -102.999521

Denise, Ruth, and Sue navigating the maze while Bob soaks up the energy.
Everyone except me could hear their echo when they stood in the center. The tale we heard was a farm worker was singing while attending the orchard. At this spot he would hear an echo. The owner then built this concrete wall and maze. Supposedly a geologist told him that the echo was due to a magnetic field generated by an extinct volcano. 
I think is has more to do with the circular wall.

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